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Holden Hill, Adelaide, South Australia

January 26th 2001

OZ File Sighting Report

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1800 Callin Code: 001149 26.01.2001 SA

Date: 26.01.2001
Day: Thursday
Time Reported: 12.20am
Location: SA
Reportee: Anna,
Other Witnesses: William [husband], Danniella/Romeo [friends]
Suburb: Holden Hill North [Modbury area]
Description of Object: Bright Orange Orb/ball

Report given to State Director: Charmaine Ballam


Anna with her husband William and friends Daniella and Romeo, were all sitting outside Thursday night skywatching due to the warm weather. During the couple of hours that they were outside, they had searched and found planets, satellites and a shooting star.

Anna was the first person to spot this 'unusual light' in the sky. As she sat and watched it, it grew bigger, she then mentioned to her husband/friends "Hey take a look at that"! Her husband and friends then started to say, "Oh that could be....planet/satellite/plane etc" [Parafield Airport is not far from where Anna lives] but Anna, said: " No No! its not that, look at what's it doing"!

I asked Anna to describe what she and the others saw.

Anna: It was a bright Orange orb, it would be bright then dim, bright then dim, it kept on doing that over and over again.

Charmaine: So, like a 'pulsing effect'? Whilst you where watching it, was it travelling?

Anna: Yes, it was travelling slowly towards the North, all the time it was dimming then brightening. I also noticed that as it travelled, it kept on slowly dropping lower in the sky.

Charmaine: How long did you and the others observe it?

Anna: We all observed it for approx 15 mins, when this amazing thing happened... it did a 'Nose Dive' and disappeared! But that is not all!

Charmaine: Please go on.

Anna: Well of course once it disappeared we all sat around talking about it, going again through all the possibilities it could have been, but we still could not make ourselves believe it was a plane/planet/satellite and so forth. Then approx 10 mins later it was BACK! It just appeared in EXACTLY the same position I first saw it! and again it was doing that pulsating thing, dimming/brightening. Also, this time it was travelling in the reverse direction, North to South, where before when I first spotted it, it was travelling North. Another strange thing as well, this time it zipped acrossed the sky, then stopped, hovered, zipped back to where it was first, stopped then hovered, then started to slowly cross the sky travelling South, then like the first time, it just did a 'nose dive' and disappeared!

Charmaine: So in total how long did you sight this object ?

Anna: I would say approx 30 mins in total.

Charmaine: During all of this, did it ever stop 'pulsing'...dimming/brightening?

Anna: NO..it kept that up all the time, that is what caught my eye in the beginning, how it looked like a star or planet, the fact how it was such a bright, 'extremely' brilliant orange in colour and how it would dim, then brighten etc.

Anna: After I had phoned your Hotline, I also called the Parafield Airport, but since it was closed, the call was diverted to Adelaide Airport. The person I spoke to was 'unhelpful' to say the least.

Charmaine: Did you hear any sound, how far up in the sky do you think it was and how big ?

Anna: No, we didnt hear any sound from it, it was quite high up in the sky, as like I said before, I first thought it was a star or planet.

I asked a couple more questions, such as had they been drinking whilst sitting outside skywatching, to which Anna said, NO, only coffee. I thanked Anna for her report. She then asked me had there been any other reports of something in the sky that night, to which I replied as far as I know 'No'. Anna also told me that she and her husband do quite a bit of skywatching and that if she ever saw anything again, she would again contact us.

~~End Report~~
Charmaine Ballam
Sth Australian Director - AUFORN [Australian UFO Research Network]


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