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Sydney, New South Wales

March 23rd 2001

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Hi Doug,

I've had a long discussion with the reportee, Daniel. The report he submitted was quite detailed however I have been able to obtain some additional information about his experience:

* The reportee and his girlfriend first noticed three dim lights above a large tree outside their unit. The alleged cigar-shape anomaly was not luminous, so the light source is still unknown (weather or not it came from the anomaly, or multiple sources or a completely independent source).

* The presence of the anomaly created an unusual feeling between the couple: ominous, remote, vulnerable feelings. Also the atmosphere around them was as if everything was harsh, cold metallic.

* It took the anomaly around 1 minute to move from directly above them to approximately 15 degress south above the horizon.

If the report is authentic, and I have no reason to believe other wise, is it possible that they may have been subject to a CE4?

I have left my details with the reportee in case he remembers anything else.

I also mentioned hypnotherapy and at the same time cautioned him about the effects it could have.

I also asked about any time loss, any strange odors, any physical abnormalities. None were evident!



-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel T
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2001 5:30 PM
To: 'mulgrew@zeta.org.au'
Subject: Recent sighting!

Good afternoon Hugh,

I have called the Australian UFO observatory and they have not recieved my call, and also have called the Sydney observatory. I spoke to a "Scully", how had no intention of even believing me.

Attached is an accurate drawing (mono colour) [Not included with this report] of what I and my friend Amanda witnessed on the 23/3/2001 at 2:30am in the morning.

At first we saw some strange dim flashlight beam on the eucalyptus tree next to our balcony. I live on the third floor, and although there is a roof balcony above us, apparently there is no access. I investigated to hear no movement or see any further signs of flashlight activity. I then looked up.

A craft of unknown origin was sighted directly above my apartment (some 2km above) and at first appeared to be an unusual stratospheric formation. The night sky was 100% clear, apart from a 5% thin light mist, which was completely transparent. The reason I noticed the unusual formation was the density and cigar like shape appearing like smooth cloud amongst transparent mist. I could not understand the formation of this cloud due to the surrounding atmospheric conditions, and thus had a closer inspection to understand the unusual appearance. Calling amanda over who's eyes were adjusted, (who she and I had been on the balcony for 5 minutes) pointing her to the object. She noted immediately that it looked strange, felt strange and asked..."what is that"?

The object moved about 5 degrees south, and appeared to come closer. No thin mist was present at this time and we had now been watching the craft for 3 minutes. It was very dark being 2:30am, but the cigar like craft had a steely matte gun metal colouring, with a light refraction of gradient showing it's smooth shape and colour.

Two rectangular shapes featured at one end of the UFO. Both bore eight red lights, arranged in two columns of four, positioned vertically, and parallel to each other.

I and Amanda through this time kept asking each other "what is this object", and "do you believe what we are seeing"! It was quite amazing...we observed it for over five minutes. We even looked at it through binoculars!

As I reached inside my balcony door to get my mobile phone it dissapeared, and vanished.

I just hope someone has had the same experience!

Daniel & Amanda

Sydney, Australia.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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