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North Narrabeen, Narrabeen Lakes, Collaroy, and Cromer, New South Wales

April 7th 2001

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Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

Date: 07.04.2001
Day: Saturday
Time Reported: 11:11pm-11:30pm
Location: North Narrabeen, Narrabeen Lakes, Collaroy, and Cromer.
Reportee: J & C O, B S, P H, P M, B, R, and S.
Report given to nearest rep: UFO Society
Tel:02 9

These collective reportees have witnessed the same phenomenon in the northern beaches district. Information was extracted from the telephone interviews to form the following report:

On the night of 7th April at 11:11pm P H of Narrabeen looked out side the window of her lake side residence to discover seven/eight bright orange, mysterious objects ascending from the eastern horizon. She submitted the following report:

As I looked out my upstairs bedroom window, I saw a couple of orange light balls curve up over the treetops. I glanced down at the clock radio on my bedside table and it was 11:11pm. Then I realised it wasn't fireworks as there was no bang, whistle or explosion of the ball into the myriad patterns. Actually, there was only complete silence. By the time my eyes returned back to the window, these balls had multiplied and were continuing to rise from behind the trees on Billarong Reserve, which is directly opposite my house (I cannot see the water in the lake due to the tree canopy and the scout hall that has been built inside the trees directly opposite my house). Initially I tried to be logical and think someone was sending these things "up" from Billarong Reserve. However, they were rising from the left extreme of my line of vision (east)-quite quickly in an arc, from left to right (west), to a height above the trees which was on eye level and then floating east to west directly in front of me. If you ever looked at the setting sun, and noted the intense orange ball, then you will understand when I say that it was like watching a mass of setting suns slowly drifting in front of me and at eye level. They were big and looked similar size to the sunset I see from my kitchen window. It was really weird.

As I continued to watch where they had been floating from E to W, they were now rising and moving away from me in a southerly direction towards the city of Sydney. Their movement wasn't obvious, but they must have been moving at an incredible speed because a cluster of setting suns right in front of me were suddenly dimming, getting smaller and filling the sky like a pattern of bright stars. It was at this point that I was able to count them, and there were seven. As I counted, I caught sight from my far left peripheral vision another one "going up". Once again in an arc from E to W. This one seemed more in a hurry than the others, and as it joined in at the bottom cluster, the lower ones (which still looked large and were still at eye level in front of me) suddenly changed places. There were no eight! The pattern high in the sky was now a triangle at the top and what looked like the Southern Cross immediately beneath and to the right of the triangle. I continued to watch until the pattern faded into the distance, getting higher as it went. I think the spectacle was about 6 to seven minutes duration.

P H also mentioned that she was overcome by a strange eerie feeling. J and C O of Narrabeen also noticed the group of eight objects travelling scattered at a 10'oclock position while looking north from their residence. The anomalies were moving slowly while heading towards Sydney. The objects were described to be like bright yellow/orange dots.

The next witness was a gentleman by the name of B who also experienced this event along with a number of people while celebrating an occasion at the Billarong scout hall. He described the objects as bright orange light bulbs. He also noted the formation of these anomalies as quoted; "two were on top and three below while one trailed behind". According to B, the mysterious cluster of UFO's was heading south towards the Collaroy Plateau. They remained in sight for about 10-15 minutes until they reduced in size while gaining distance and disappeared.

Not too far away towards the east on W Ave, Narrabeen, B S was attending a hen's night at a friends place when they too noticed the departing bright objects. She said that they didn't take much notice of it and joked it being a UFO. However, their thoughts soon turned serious when the objects smoothly ascended, disappearing towards the city. She also remarked about the size; "They seemed huge", she said, "you could tell that they were quite a distance away". The ladies had only watched for a few seconds before returning back to their celebrations. "I wish I took more notice of it", was her final comment.

About 11:30pm, P M was driving on M Street, Collaroy Plateau, opposite Narrabeen Lake when he sighted the unusual aerial phenomenon. At first he saw two bright objects like amber streetlights above the lake. Only when he got closer did he realise that there was a cluster of extraordinary bright objects moving away, from above the lake. He turned the engine off and heard absolutely nothing. No noise whatsoever! P and his family who were with him at the time noted their varying distances from each other. They also saw the eighth trailing object behind the cluster that was heading southwest. P lost visual when the large trees finally obstructed his view.

R, also from Collaroy Plateau saw the event unfold from his residence at 11:30pm. He said that the objects were quite a distance away, heading from north to southwest. R also described them like seven orange glowing light bulbs in a scattered formation. He watched for 10-15 minutes with six other people as the objects ascended silently out of sight. Strangely enough, R did not mention the eight trailing object.

The final sighting was over Cromer, southwest of Collaroy Plateau at around the 11:30pm mark. S was attending a party with 20 other people when they discovered five orange star-like objects heading from northeast to southwest at substantial speeds. She said that they were moving faster than a conventional aircraft, in no particular arrangement. As they observed, they noticed a black triangular formation accelerating past one of the northerly bright orange objects in the group (at the rear of the cluster). The display lasted for around 5 minutes before disappearing into the distance.

The above calls were made after the publication appeared in the Manly Daily (below).

Manly Daily 12 April 2001
Doubt cast over 'alien' skylights

A UFO research group believes seven strange lights seen in the sky by three northern beaches residents on Saturday night could be no more than simply a prank. But a dark rectangular image trailing the lights has elicited some interest with the possibility it might not have been earthly.

Queensland-based researcher Warren Aston, who recently returned from an annual UFO conference in Nevada, said Triangular figures had been spotted during the day in Belgium and South America.

"Rectangular objects are not as common. I don't think any have been seen over Australia", Mr Aston said. But he warned it was "naive to think anything flying around which is non-conventional aircraft is alien".

Wheeler Heights couple Denise and Adrian Thirsk spotted the lights and the object in the sky about 11:30pm on Saturday.

Mrs Thirsk said the lights were about the size of golf balls heading southwest. But the object behind them was of more interest.

"I thought it looked like a manta ray the way it was moving," she said. "It was black and it looked like it was flapping."

And only 30 minutes earlier Narrabeen resident Elaine Davey spotted the same lights.

"They moved right across the sky towards the city," she said.

Independent Network of UFO researchers spokeswoman Moira McGhee, from the Blue Mountains, said it could be pranksters sending up helium balloons. But she conceded the northern beaches were known to have unusual activity. "There was a good sighting over Collaroy the last weekend of February when people saw this big object hurtling out of the sky toward the ocean," she said.

Ms McGhee said uncorroborated reports had UFO sightings in North Queensland on the same night.

I have contacted the Bureau of meteorology and I should receive a response over the next few days.

So far we can rule out that the objects were weather balloons as they are released from the airport at 9am and 3pm. The balloons measures wind, temperature and pressure up to about 80,000 feet. We also know that it could not have been any other form of luminous balloons or Para gliders judging by the stable formation the objects took and the sudden increase in speed and altitude. I have also contacted a pilot who will attempt to find out more information of any sightings reported on the 7th April 2001. What ever they were, they could not have been more than 15-20 meters above Narrabeen Lake before they ascended.

Phil and I will be conducting a night watch at Narrabeen within the next few weeks.


Hi all,
I have received word from the contacted pilot regarding any information from other pilots who may have flown over the northern beaches district during the evening of 7th April 2001:

I rang the Operations control and there was nothing sighted or reported or even recorded.

I also received a response from the Bureau of Meteorology regarding wind speed and direction on the evening of 7th April 2001:

The wind speed at Fort Denison on 7th April 2001 at 11pm was NNE at 13km/h. At 11.30pm it was similar.

Armed with the above details (meteorological details), we can most certainly rule out any form of balloons or any other practical nuisance.



Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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