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Long Reef, Collaroy, New South Wales

May 30th 2001

OZ File Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

There seemed to be an array of activities occurring in the northern beaches regions in Sydney over the past two months or so. About three weeks ago the three major channels (Channels 7, 9 and 10) announced on their evening news broad cast that there had been a large number of UFO sightings in the northern Sydney districts. Obviously we knew of this as a major sighting from Narrabeen to Cromer was reported earlier last month by dozens of independent witnesses, not to mention the other incidences that also brought this sudden wave to our attention.

On 30th May 2001 Phil, Laszlo and myself decided to go on a night survey trip to Long Reef at Collaroy. We arrived there at around 6:00pm (after assessing another sight at Collaroy beach) and set up near the very edge of a cliff. The view towards the north was brilliant, however the view of the east was slightly obstructed by bushy vegetation. The night was slightly hazy with a cold southeasterly breeze. There was quite a lot of air traffic up until 6:45pm when it seemed to ease off. That was when we first noticed something unusual between Bungan Head and Bangalley Head at Avalon.

A glowing bright orange globular appeared over a reserve from virtually nowhere. It seemed to hover for a few minutes before it slowly began to descend over a dark region (reserve). It seemed awfully close to the trees to be a conventional aircraft. Through the binoculars one could see the orange light reflection on the trees that was emitted by the object. We watched it for around three to four minutes before it disappeared. Now I had my suspicions that it could have been a helicopter of some kind. But it wasn't until the unprecedented event occurred at 8:15pm that would make me think otherwise. What happened next would strike at us with total awe.

Approximately north-northeast a bright halo appeared in the mist around 10 degrees above the ocean. This entity faded and reappeared three or four times before it gradually descended into view. Again we noticed a bright orange globular, more brilliant than before. As I grabbed the binoculars, I noticed something that astounded me beyond belief. The object first appeared in an elongated cylindrical shape. However as it began to turn I then saw the big picture; a large half moon shape object at an approximate 120 degree angle. The object slowly distanced itself heading north and loosing altitude at the same time. It appeared to have disappeared in a fashion I could not explain any other way but submerging into the ocean. We then lost sight of it for the rest of the night. The final encounter lasted for around five minutes.

Another night survey party is scheduled at Long Reef on 26th June 2001. I will be contacting the local authorities, air traffic contacts and the local press. I will inform you of any further information.



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