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Craigmore/Munno Para, South Australia

June 1st 2001

OZ File Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

1800 Callin Codes - 01449 + 04150 + 04151 + 04152 SA
Dates: 1.06.01 - 3.06.01
I've included these 4 follow ups together as they are
all reporting the same thing!

Date of Sighting: 1.06.01 /2.06.01
Time: 10.00pm
Location: Craigmore/Munno Para SA
Reportee/Witnesses Various: Mr.+Mrs Ringewaldt and son/Helen Colquhoun, husband and neighbours/Mark Attingborough and girlfriend/Jill Deubel and daughter.

Report given to nearest State Director: Charmaine Ballam


Shape: Rough Triangle / 'L' shape
Objects: Bright lights
Colour: Orangey/Reddish
Size: All lights appeared to be slightly larger than the size that Mars is currently.
Sound: NIL
Duration: All Witnesses state - 4 mins
Direction: Travelling 45 degrees above the horizon West to East
Sky Conditions: Clear sky on 1/6/01 ....Partially cloudy but clear where objects where on 2/6/01


All Witness have stated basically the same thing.....

They all saw around 10.00pm in the sky at a 45 degree angle 3 orangey/reddish lights in a locked formation in relation to each other. They were travelling West to East, with no sound.

Whilst observing them, they went from a 'L' type shape into a rough Triangle shape

        *     *

The top/centre light then moved slowly towards the LH light...and just before reaching it faded out.
Then the LH light flickered and faded out, leaving the 3rd and RH light.
The RH light stayed for a brief moment longer and then just vanished.

During all of this, these lights continued to move silently across the sky.

2 groups of witnesses I discovered lived within one street of each other. The other 2 groups of witnesses were both travelling in their cars at the time of the sighting....but they where all travelling basically in the same area, as I also checked out the Adelaide street directory and the roads that these groups of witness travelled where in the same block on the map, as the other group of witnesses, who saw these objects from their home front and back yards.

3 groups of witnesses also reported that after the 3 RH land had disappeared a light aircraft flew over head in the same direction.


All Witnesses rang the Edinburgh RAAF - all where told 'No, nothing on their screens and no, nothing happening concerning the base'. One Witness said that the lady at Edinburgh RAAF actually suggested that he ring us!...AUFORN hot line! [fantastic!]

3 Groups of Witnesses rang the Parafield Airport - which is near Craigmore/Munno Para area - all where told ' No aircraft were expected to land or had just left the airport' . I also found that by 10.00pm Parafield Airport is normally shut for normal air business.

One Witness is an amateur astronomer and has been for approx 15 years, told me that he knew the night sky fairly well and at first thought it may have been a helicopter or light plane. He certainly knew it wasnt Mars, as the lights were not in the correct position, and he said he had never in the 15 years of observing the sky, had seen 3 lights move and make a formation and then whilst watching disappear. He said if it had been only 'One light' then he could have easily explained it away for himself, his wife and son.

Two of the other groups of Witnesses also stated that they knew that what they saw was not a plane, as they both lived near the flight path that most light aircraft take when landing/leaving Parafield Airport, plus having the RAAF base so close they were used to planes of varying sorts flying over at odd hours, but the fact that these 3 lights made no noise, and moved the way they did only added to their curiosity.

One Witness rang the Adelaide Airport - stated that they were of 'No Help'.

I have sent a AUFORN UFO Report form to the 4 groups of witnesses, they are all happy to complete the form.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One question I do have: Where did the 'Light Aircraft' that 3 groups of witnesses stated came basically right after the 3 RH light had disappeared come from ?. Especially since these people had phoned the Parafield Airport and had been told it was closed for business and that they had no 'special flight' that they were waiting for to come and land.
Anyone able to help ? or have thoughts on this ?

Thanks and Regards,
Charmaine Ballam
AUFORN State Director - South Australia
[Australian UFO Research Network]


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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