UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Kilcare Beach, New South Wales

June 10th 2001

OZ File Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

1800 Callin Code: 01468 10.06.01 NSW

Date: 10.06.01
Day: Sunday
Time Reported: 5.07 am and 5.11 am
Location: Kilcare Beach, NSW
Reportee: Casandra
Investigator: Karen Burden
Tel: On file


We have two telescropes set up at our Beach house, there is an object, not a solid shape but a light which keeps changing colours, it is bobbing around all over the place.
It is positioned over the ocean. Please call me. END OF MESSAGE.


Casandra was staying at a friends house at Kilcare Beach on the Queens' Birthday long weekend. The house overlooks the ocean and is positioned on a cliff face. Early Saturday morning around 4:30 pm she noticed a bright light about 40-50 degrees above the horizon (N.E) which seemed to be changing colours and shapes. Casandra and a friend of hers grabbed two telescopes and set them up to get a closer look. She knew the unidentified light was not Venus as she had studied Astronomy herself for three years and could see Venus to the right of the light which was changing shapes.

Casandra noted that periodic clouds were not affecting the view as they were behind the light, so the light object appeared to be within Earth's atmosphere. She then went to wake up the house owner's son, Terry and alert other house guests, there were now four witnesses in all. They were all surprised by the sight of the light and what it was doing, they kept taking turns looking at it through the telescopes.

The witnesses stated it appeared to flip inside and out, each time changing shapes from a circle with checker board shapes on it, to a distorted figure eight, to a square. The light continually changing into an array of colour groups; green, red, purple, blue etc. Casandra stated at times it looked like a strobe light and was as large as a 5 cent piece when looking through the telescrope.

What is interesting is that Casandra and her friend set up the telescopes and did not need to adjust there position for the duration of the sighting i.e 1.25 hours. When the light changed it's shape continually though, Casandra stated it gave you the impression it was moving or bobbing up and down, but of course it wasn't.

Casandra also stated that when dawn was breaking, the stars were diminishing from view, but that the unidentified light just stayed there, becoming more faded as the sun came up. Apparently even after dawn the unidentified light could still be seen for 15 minutes. Another interesting point is that the next day the locals in the area were talking about all the groups of Whales that had been sighted that night and that they were not suppose to be migrating down the coast yet.

Casandra also stated she is sure the unidentified light was there again on

Sunday night, but further away in the distance. Casandra is sending some photos of the light, if the pictures turned out. She did fortunately have a zoom lense attached to her Camera at the time. So with a bit of luck.....

I will be investigating this event further.

Karen Burden


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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