UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Elizabeth Park, South Australia

June 16th 2001

OZ File Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

1800 Callin Code: 01507 16.6.01 SA
Date: 16.6.01
Time Reported: 11.29pm
Location: Elizabeth Park SA
Reportee: PAUL
Report given to nearest rep: CHARMAINE

Message :


Shape: Disc shape [saucer shape]
Objects: 2
Colour: Dull Yellow
Sound: NIL
Duration: 10 mins
Witnesses: 1

On Saturday 16.6.01 night at around 10.50pm, Paul was outside with his dog.

He looked up at the night sky and noticed 2 dull yellow lights. Originally Paul thought that they were just 2 stars, but then he noticed that the lights were moving and as they drew closer to his position, took on the look of discs. Paul also noticed that his dog started to act funny as the lights came closer.

Paul watched the 2 objects for approx 10 mins, he stated that they had come into his line of sight from a 45-50 degree angle from the horizon, and as he watched, the top one came down towards the other, so it looked like the top one was covering the bottom one.

Then after 10 mins, the top one, took off straight up, while the other one stayed. He continued to watch it for a minute or two more, but by then the cloud cover had moved in properly, so he didnt know what happened to the 2nd object, whether it was still there or had also departed.

He said, that there had been a large gap in the cloud cover and that is where he was looking/watching the 2 objects.

There was no noise, and Paul being a photographer said that he has a good idea of how light can play tricks etc.
So, he went through a process of elimination, by himself.

He phoned the local Parafield Airport and asked if there was any traffic for that time of night, they answered "No".
He then phoned the Edinburgh RAF, and Adelaide Airport and got the same answer of "No".
He also then went through the thoughts of 'helicopter' so he phoned the local police to ask if they may have had their helicopter out doing a search to which again the police replied "No".
He also ruled out satellites, as they dont tend to move down to come on top of one another, then one move straight off upwards, etc.

I told him 'Well Done' in doing that, and that it also could not have been a laser show, as they were only 2 lights, and the same colour all the time, and also could not be kids mucking around with garbage bag balloons, again due to the details Paul gave me of the movement of the 2 objects.

Paul also asked for some info on AUFORN which I told him I would gladly forward onto him.

Paul also asked me if other people had phoned in to say they had seen something that night.
I explained to Paul that funnily enough for the last 3 weeks, we had been receiving calls to the UFO Hotline from around that area ie: Munno Para/Craigmore.
Paul said, yes that Munno Para/Craigmore where near where he was - Elizabeth Park.
I also told him, that those people had witnessed 3 orangey/reddish lights in a rough triangle formation.
But! that they had also been travelling in the same direction at about the same height above the horizon.

I am keeping a record of these sightings in this area. As for calls to be coming in 3 weeks running and everytime it has been on a SATURDAY night at 10.30-11.00pm that people have witnessed these lights/objects.

I know that the Edinburgh RAAF is close by, but, apart from the Global Hawk which has now a few weeks back, Edinburgh is not known to house any 'unusual aircraft.
End Note

Charmaine Ballam
AUFORN State Director - South Australia


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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