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Collaroy, New South Wales

June 26th 2001

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Hi all,
Just a brief thank you for your assistance. Also, Bill asked me to summarize the Long Reef situation that occurred on 26th June. I must admit that the sighting was too incredible for me to be forthcoming. For weeks I dwelled on it not telling anyone (except my wife and immediate colleagues). The following report was constructed by a colleague who was with me at the time of the sighting. I will not disclose his name at this point. I think you will appreciate this event more from another persons point of view.



Field trip to Collaroy Tuesday 26th June 2001

The evening started with only 2 members attending. Attila and T.

I met up with Attila in the Golf club car park as arranged at 1800. Being well prepared for a chilly night ahead on the coast. Warm clothing & flask of coffee.

We walked up the hill to the lookout which faces North towards Avalon & Palm Beach. After a few minutes we had set-up camp so to speak on the other side of the barriers. Very naughty.

The night started quietly with the usual planes on their respective flight paths. A couple of shooting stars where seen a little while later high in the sky. The prelude before the storm in no uncertain terms. An orange flash well above the Avalon area was noted. Immediately after that Attila spotted coming over our heads from east to west what Attila described as a fireball. I only caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye of something orange as I turned around.

Within seconds the fun started. An orange ball towards the North was spotted hovering over the sea. Lit up with the regular beam of the Palm Beach lighthouse. Binoculars & Attila’s Telescope where quickly trained onto the object. A reflection of the very bright glow was clearly seen on the waves. In front of our eyes it just disappeared into the murky depths, just vanished. Attila took some photos of the object, which I suppose, at arms length about the size of a pea.

We did not have much time to congratulate ourselves before it reappeared in about the same spot, but this time it was slowly hovering towards us. Once again the reflection was seen on the water’s surface. Getting bigger as it was getting closer. A Photo or two was taken. Again with no warning it just disappeared into the sea.

We both screamed in delight of witnessing such an occasion.

This was short lived. At approx 2130 a large very bright orange glow was seen above the trees towards the eastern side of the point. Even more remarkable was the fact that this glow was in the heart of a Triangle Upturned. Smaller very dim lights at the peripheral extremes could be seen. The planes, which had been flying over all night, stopped. Several helicopters were seen going towards the objects position, but never got there. They turned around and flew away. A magnificent sight.

Attila raced for some of the equipment and hotfooted to the eastern end of Long Reef Point. I stayed with the remainder of our stuff and watched in awl the ship. It moved steadily down & south to settle base down (I think) just above the water & in clear view of me through a cutting in the trees.

On Attila’s return we packed up & repositioned ourselves further on the point. This position left us exposed to the elements, but who cares. Seeing this object we forgot all the woes.

The view magnified was terrific. It looked like one large item, sausage shape, hovering above the water with a similar shape & size as its reflection. It shimmered as if a heat haze was around it. The object was also rotating.

Attila took some more photos, but in the excitement ran out of film. Air traffic control was contacted and asked if anything thing had happened or shown up on radar. Deny, Deny, Deny was the outcome with them starting to give Attila the 1800 number.

A large ship was spotted sailing south in the channel towards Sydney. This passed in front of the glow. No way could this glow have been missed. With that, Attila spoke to the coast guard. Asking similar questions to that of the airport. It was stated that calls from Narrabeen had been received, asking if a ship was on fire. It was much later on our leaving that we noticed the very top of the glow was the only thing visible from the coast.

I don’t know why, but every so often I looked at my watch & called out the time. After about an hour the object changed shape. This time two smaller balls appeared to the side of the main core. Spinning & amp;shimmering.

Two hours passed & it was still there. Position changing a little to the north. Once again it mutated into more pieces. The main core & one below, two to the right side by side, & another two top to bottom to the right of them. All glowing orange, rotating & shimmering, clear visible through the telescope.

With the naked eye it looked like one solid object. Occasionally a small right light was seen on the top towards the right.

Also very strange, shooting up from the object towards the clear night sky, I saw very fast shafts of light. The same type of light was seen coming down from the sky into the object.

Is this the first time a communication device has been seen?????????

Three hours had almost passed & it was still there hovering, shimmering & rotating above the water. All planes that funnily had by-passed this object had now stopped for the night. Clouds started coming in over us, going towards the glow & object. A few drops of rain had been felt. That & with Attila’s mount had broken was a time to call it a night. Time 0030 we started to pack up. I turned my torch at the object, which is quite bright. Nothing happened. No response. Attila & I both felt as if it knew we were there.

Walking down the hill we periodically turned around to see if it followed, but no the glow just got smaller behind the curvature of the earth. It just kept on drawing us to look at it. Bundling into Attila’s car we quickly drove back up the hill. Hoping for a response I suppose or even contact.

By now the wind was also whipping up. It was funny to note that in the car park it was dry, as was the long journey home.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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