UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Mount Gambier, South Australia

July 2001

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received on 30/07/2008 11:39:46

JULY 2001, MOUNT GAMBIER (SA) 2000hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss. Jacki x
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 1st 5 minutes 2nd 1 minute.
Occupation: Student year 11

#1 - It was about 1997 and my mum, younger sister and I were on a bus on the way to see my dad in Mount Gambier. My younger sister fell asleep and my mum pointed out the window for me to see. I looked to where she was pointing and there was a shape in the sky that kept flashing on and off. It was kind of like a football but a bit more round. My mum and I knew it wasn't a plane or weather balloon type thing.

#2 - In about mid 2001 and my eldest brother had brought his girlfriend over and her two sons. My sister, my brother's two boys and I were on the trampoline playing at night; about 8PM. We layed down on the trampoline to look at the sky for a second while we rested our legs. We saw what looked like stars but didn't pay much attention before we started jumping again. A few minutes later we jumped off trampoline to play with the soccor ball. We looked up at the sky again and the 'stars' were all clustered together and moving around quickly, some were blinking and some weren't. I felt a bit weird for some reason, like I had fuzzy stuff in my stomach (only way to describe it). We got scared when we saw the 'stars' doing that because we had never seen that before. We ran under the patio to where the adults were and refused to go back out and play.

#1 - The object I saw was blinking on and off.
#2 - The 'stars' were moving together in a cluster (almost all of the stars we could see in the sky) and some were blinking. They were moving quickly and were silent.

#1 - On a bus to Mount Gambier, SA
#2 - Salisbury, SA

Other Witnesses: I don't know their contact details.

Apparent Size: Star

Apparent Size Other: #1 looked about dinner plate size

Actual Size:
#1 - Maybe about the size of a house but I don't know.
#2 - I'm not sure, they looked like stars.

#1 - About as high as a 20 storey building I would say.
#2 - A long ways up, a few kilometeres at least.

Object Origin:
#1 - The object was moving fairly quickly just in the middle of the sky.
#2 - The 'stars' were from all parts of the sky and 'collected' in the middle of where we could see.

Object Destination: I did not see any of the objects dissapear as I looked/ran away because I was scared.

Moon Visible: I didn't see the moon on either occasion but I wasn't paying attention to the moon.

Moon Size Comparison:

Planets Visible:
#1 - There were a few stars in the sky but not many.
#2 - There were a few stars that didn't move.

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Comments: This is relevant to both incidents.

Viewing Aids:

Effects Physical:
#1 - No.
#2 - Yes. I felt like there was something 'fuzzy' in my stomach.

Effects Psychological: No. Not in either case.

Effects Other: Not that I remember.

Effects Other Witnesses: Not that I am aware of, but we did not talk about it.

Other Experiences: Only the two I have described above.

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