UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Narre Warren, Victoria

July 8th,14th & 30th 2001

UFOINFO Sighting Report

Name: Ronda

Location: Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia

08/07/01 at 2:30am
14/07/01 at 9:30pm
30/07/01 at 9:45pm

Approach Direction:
South and south east

Departure Direction:
North east and south

Witness Direction:
Watched them approach the first time, watched them go over the top of us the 2nd, saw them in distance the 3rd

1st time...3 orange round very bright balls of light..we watched til they disappeared in the distance. We watched them for at least 5 minutes.

2nd time...3 orange balls exactly the same as above..this time the last one to disappear in the distavnce appeared to hover in the one spot for about ten minutes, but it was a long way away from us by then.

3rd time....3 lights..same as above...but only saw them as they were disappearing, a neighbour phoned us to tell us they were up there again! by the time we ran out they we only visible for a minute or so and we watched them disappear into the distance

Orange round very bright ..like the flame of a jet but no noise no trail

Height & Speed:
Height is very hard to tell...pretty high...maybe like a light aircraft?..maybe higher..very hard to estimate

No I did not report them but in May there was a man in the town next to ours that reported seeing them...we also have seen them earlier, in April but I have already reported this to Roundup

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