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Grafton, New South Wales

August 31st 2001

Grafton, Northern N.S.W. Australia

August 31st 2001

20 minute on video + 20 minute enhancement of object.

Friday 31st Aug, at 1;40pm, I filmed a bright white 'sphere' at approx altitude between 4-5,000 ft. it was very slow moving to the north at first, then changed direction a couple of times, to the West, North, East than N-East. when it went in front of cloud, the object is very luminous. this confirming for me that the object was indeed self illuminated.

0n viewing the footage, there is a black line above and below the central bright section. I am not yet sure if this is also part of the object, or because of the camera chip. I used my Sony Hi-8. half the footage was on tripod.

Analysis result:

After downloading footage onto computer, several of the clearest clips [sections of footage] were stabilized, super zoomed and false colour enhanced.
The illumination was a very bright white. No colours were associated with the illuminated object. The black lines above and below the object as seen on the digital zoomed sections of the footage, was a result of the intense brightness of the object reacting with the CCD chip in the Hi-8 camera. This effect only showed in the digital zoomed sections, and NOT in the optical zooms. Therefore was not associated with the object itself.

As seen in the full digital zoom [210X] the illuminated object appears to be varying in brightness, or pulsing. False colour enhancing filters were applied to add colour to the varying brightness sections within the illumination. Now, you can see the corona, glare and central brighter source of the main illumination from the object itself.

When a clip taken on tripod was stabilized and super zoomed, the object is quickly vibrating, while the center section is pulsing and flaring irregularly. This is an impressive result. I was able to zoom the object to full screen so that a good look at the vibration and pulsing effect is seen.

When using tripod [ 1/2 the footage on tripod], the object was in front of cloud.
The brightness, size, pulsing and 'wave' [ flat zig-zag ] flight path of the object is seen.
I traced the flight path with a red line on the footage so that you can see the movement.
A variation in speed is also noticed. The object was self illuminated, not bright because of Sun reflection. Appeared to be under self control because of the path in flight.
At times moving against the westerly wind, and changing direction several times.
It was moving much slower than the clouds that it was under.
Estimated altitude around 4,000ft.
Size of object approx. 2 meters dia.
The object 'could' have been wider than high, or slightly flat.
I hesitate to say disc shape, for I did not see that shape in it.
A clear image of the actual object was unable to be seen, however, because of the pulsing of the central illumination, that could actually be it.

I consider it a type of probe, rather than a 'manned' craft.
Based on the footage analysis, it is a genuine UFO.
Nothing conventional that I know of would behave as this object does.
At times, especially on approach from the South, and departure to the N-E, the object appears to be wobbling, or tipping side-to-side. I am yet to have a close look at this.

Barry Taylor.
E-mail: stingray@nor.com.au (old link)

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