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Enoggera in Brisbane, Bunya Mountains & Stanthorpe, Queensland

September 2nd 2001

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Hi Diane & list,
Further to your sighting Diane.

Today (Sunday 2.9.01) we received 3 reports
They were from Enoggera in Brisbane, Bunya Mountains 200 klms west of Brisbane and Stanthorpe 200 klms south-west of Brisbane.
All reports seem to relate to the same object.

All were seen between 11.30 and 11.35 am.
the different descriptions we received were -
an orange burning light with a blue green tail
a comet, white light with tail
a large flare with a ball at the end
The witnesses from Enoggera and Stanthorpe both
reported looking E/NE and the one from Bunya Mountains
reported looking East when they saw the object.

The object was reported to be very large and extremely bright with descriptions ranging from "brighter than a mirror reflecting the sun" to "like a welding flash".
All witnesses were extremely impressed with the size all stating it was larger than their thumbnail at arm's length. (that's big!)

All witnesses reported the light was coming down to the ground at a slight angle to the North.
They also reported it affected their eyes, blinded, dazzled and hurt their eyes.
Two of the witnesses lost it behind trees and a hill, the other reported it just fizzling out.
All only saw it for less than 5 seconds.
No noise was heard at the time.

After some calculations we have estimated the object to have come down about 200 klms west of Maroochydore out at sea.
So far it seems to fit the description of a meteorite, except no one reported any noise at the time.
However taking the distance into consideration no one should have heard anything before 5 minutes duration, but should have heard something in the 5 to 20 minute range after the sighting.
Probably by that time they were on the phone to me so possibly wouldn't have noticed it.

We contacted the Channel 7, 9 and 10 TV stations.
Channel 7 was the only aware of it and were looking into it.
You may see something on the news tonight.
We did get on to ABC radio but don't know when they will air it.



Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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