UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Springwood, New South Wales

September 26th 2001

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Callin code 01766
Date Wednesday 26.9.01
Time 7.47a.m
Area Springwood N.S.W
Name Sharon D
Phone no.024

I spoke to Sharon on Saturday evening and found her to be a sincere softly spoken lady. She is 59 years old and runs her own business from home. That Tuesday night her husband had toothache and slept on the lounge. She was awoken she thought by a brilliant sunrise, her venetian blinds were half open and fiery gold light lit up her bedroom, her bedroom window faces east. She looked at the clock, it was 4.30a.m to early for sunrise, so she got up and looked through the blinds. She was amazed to see a bright orange light comming from the east. She thought at first it was a street light but it was moving closer to her, west, and getting bigger. Her house is on a downward slope facing north and it hovered over the roof of the house opposite hers and changed colour to a fiery red. It then shot off to the north very low over the trees until it was a cigarette glow in the night and then shot up and disappeared. Sharon said it was as big as the sun rising at its closest and as bright. She saw no solid structure only light which was an elongated shape and tapered as it shot away. She got the feeling it was an intelligent light mass rather than a craft. Sharon said she is a sceptic with an open mind. She said it was completely soundless and definately was not a meteorite. The sighting lasted for approximatly 30 seconds. She rang the R.A.A.F and they told her that there were no military craft or helicopters in the area and they gave her the 1800 number. Sharon would also like to know if there are any U.F.O. groups in her area. Also there were power lines in the immediate vicinity of the sighting which may be relevent after the Lithgow sighting on 23.8.01.

regards Larraine


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