UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland

October 3rd 2001

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Randal

Location: Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland. Australia

Date: Wednesday evening 10/03/01 approximately 21:50 - 22:10 EST

Approach Direction: Moving from WSW towards South

Departure Direction: From WSW to S

Witness Direction: WSW

Description: As I was walking along the Kangaroo Point cliffs I noticed what I initially thought was Mars. However, as I watched I noticed the light moving slowly for about 10-15 second and stop for the same period and move again for 2-3 mins and stop for a short time and move again.

Due to the recent hot days there was some haze in the sky and being so close to the city (across the river) the light prevented almost all stars from being seen. I was surprised that Mars was in this position in the sky - @55% elevation in the WSW area of the sky - which is why I was studying the light.
I watched for about 20 mins until buildings obscured the light. I thought that it might be a helicoptor or light aircraft heading for Archefield Airport but the height, movement, and lack of any navigation lights did not correlate with that theory.

The object appeared to be larger or brighter at the front and travelled from over Kenmore towards Acacia Ridge.

Color/Shape: Orange/red - very similar to Mars when it ti at it's brightest. Looked similar to a very bright star when stationary. Looked like a bright star with a dimmer star 'attached to the back.

Height & Speed: Higher than domestic aircraft - it appeared to be very high but not in orbit.
Speed was fairly slow - like a helicopter over the city. I did not notice any decrease/increase in speed before it stopped/stared.

TV/Radio/Press: I am not aware of any other sightings.

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