UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Brisbane, Queensland

October 8th 2001

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
October 8th 2001

Name: Dylan

Location: I sighted the ufo at northwest Brisbane, Queensland, Australia when I was in my car near the small town of Dayboro.

Date: Monday the 8th of October 2001 at around 6pm (on dusk). (Local time)

Approach Direction: From the south

Departure Direction: Diagonally down in a northward direction.

Witness Direction: East

Description: It was the first monday after the school holidays. We were driving south from Dayboro to our house at Samsonvale (Kobble Creek) when we struck a dog crossing the road. We turned into a nearby house to ask if they owned the dog. As we entered the driveway a orange, oval shaped object in the sky caught my eye. It moved slowly to the left and then suddenly shifted its course diagonally downward. It dissappeared behind a shed. The orange glowed brightly but did not change. As soon as I saw it I new it was something wierd.

Color/Shape: Bright Orange, Oval.

Height & Speed: It moved slowly at first but when it changed direction its speed tripled instantly. It was fairly high.... Maybe 3-4000 feet.

TV/Radio/Press: There was a report of two other very similar sightings at the same time at different locations in Brisbane on a popular radio station called JJJ (107.7fm)

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