UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Brisbane, Queensland

November 1st 2001

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Callin: 01825 01/11/01 QLD

Date: 01/11/01
Time: 3.26pm
Location: QLD Brisbane
Name of Caller: John
Phone number:
Investigator: Jan Stone

John was at work in Salisbury area (Brisbane) on Thursday 1.11.01 at between 11.30am-12, when he saw two UFO's out the window towards Archerfield Airport. He called his boss and another lady in the office and this is their story:

We saw four small light Aeroplanes like a 6 seater twin engine aircraft. They had taken off from Archerfield Airport and were climbing in the sky at different heights and distance from each other, there was two UFO's flying around them, the Pilots would have had to have seen them, they could not have missed them, anyway these UFO's were sort of floating from one side to the other around the Aeroplanes, their shape was round, and when they went on their side you could see a hole in the middle like a doughnut, they were very flat looking with a sort of spoon nose. Their colour was black underneath with a silver/white top. All of a sudden they took off at a terrific speed to the west of Archerfield Airport. Approx 20 klms away. Their size when they were close to the Airport would have been about the size of 10cent piece, but when they went away to the west they was about one third that size. They disappeared on the horizon then all of a sudden they shot straight up at a unbelievable speed, just straight up into the atmosphere in about 20 seconds, it was amazing. As they left the atmosphere a strange thing happened, all these stars appeared, all over the sky, they were flashing, it was daylight but all these stars filled the sky in every direction, they were all flashing and perfectly spaced around each other. We could not look at them it made you dazzled or feel dizzy.

Then they all vanished and so had the UFO's. This whole thing just happened in a few minutes and all three of us saw this.

Investigators comments:
I phoned the tower at Archerfield Airport who were very helpful, but they said they had not seen anything nor had any Pilots reported anything out of the ordinary to them. I asked about the radar, but they said their Radar equipment was very basic, it would not have picked up anything like a UFO only Aeroplanes, as they are only a small airport for light crafts. I then phoned Amberley Air Base to ask if they picked up anything on Radar. But was not able to get anywhere with that inquiry.

I have not had any other reports relating to this on Thursday. John was surprised that no one else had reported it as he said other people would have had to have seen it, and what about the pilots?

This sighting report file still remains open at this stage.



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