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I have been thinking a lot of a UFO I sighted in the second half of 2002 lately as I have an on-going argument with a friend of mine who is a total UFO sceptic. I am also very interested in science so that probably lends itself to some degree of general scepticism, at least initially, if someone were to say to me “I saw a UFO”. That was until I saw a UFO myself in 2002 in a situation that has left me unable to find any suitable scientific explanation.

What has compelled me to contact you today is I just searched “Brisbane UFO sightings 2002” out of curiosity after thinking about my sighting a lot lately after chatting about it again to my sceptic friend. I read though a number of reports on your web site. I always thought it odd that my sighting was at about 6:30PM right near the Brisbane CBD yet no one – to my knowledge (aside from the other 2 people I was with) saw the UFO? I looked in the Newspapers the next day and found nothing. Not a mention. I did report it to some UFO hotline I found in the phone book at the time but I don’t think the man spoke to believed me.

However, I came across this similar story on your web site and possibly there is a link:


I think there is a degree of likely hood this is related to my sighting. I can’t recall the exact date I saw this UFO. I don’t recall recording it anywhere. However my UFO sighting would have had to be between July 2002 – and about October 2002 given the climate and temperature of the night and the timing of when I joined this band.

This sighting has many similarities - area, time of year, time of night, type of night (it was a really clear, crisp evening – perfect weather conditions - and the colour of the lights of the UFO being similar.

My sighting from 2002

I was at band practice with a new band I had just joined at the time (I joined this band in July 2002) so rehearsal on an August night makes sense. I also remember it was a comfortable temperature outside, slight cool but not unpleasant – and a lovely clear evening with a clear sky. We were rehearsing at Out Loud Music Studio’s on 371 Montague Rd, West End in Brisbane. I went outside with 2 of the band members Mel & Nick (unfortunately I have lost contact with both but I talked about this experience with Nick at a gig a few years ago and he still recalled it).

Nick & Mel were smoking cigarettes – I was talking to Mel. Nick walked a few meters away from us down the driveway. While I talked to Mel she pointed directly behind me and said “What is that? I turned and saw a saucer shaped UFO flying up from some trees in the direction of the Brisbane River (West). We were close enough to clearly make out the fact there was panelling on the side of the craft. This panelling was lit by purple lighting and I could see 4 similar panels on each ‘side’ of the circular craft . These panels were flush with the rest of the saucer shaped craft but were outlined in the side of the craft. Underneath there were 4 blue lights in a symmetrical cross like pattern aligned between each purple panel. The craft looked like it was made of metal. It also looked pretty – like a nicely designed UFO?

The craft flew up above a line of tree (looking toward the west, directly in the direction of Brisbane River). If you google 371 Montague Rd. you can see the address where I was. The UFO would have literally have had to have landed (of been very close to the ground) on the Riverside Drive strip but I only saw it as it flew above the trees.

The UFO then flew from the river directly over the top of us. (Heading South Easterly) I was literally right underneath it. It felt like the UFO was about 10 stories up based on the fact we were standing next to a 2 storey warehouse. It is hard to judge height and size thought as I don’t have any basis of comparison. How big is the “average” UFO? It felt like it would have been about the length of a semi-trailer truck or slightly bigger if it were on the ground. 18 – 20 meter.

A few thing struck me and went through my head while I watched the craft fly over. First of all – it was totally silent. No helicopter, plane, weather balloon, airship, air balloon, etc can be really close to the ground and totally silent (none are saucer shaped either....). The craft drifted toward the South-West and then head off very suddenly – at a speed that was well beyond the capability of known aircraft. (My Dad used to take me to RAAF Air shows as a kid) no flying craft human have made can move anywhere near this quickly. It would have been faster than the speed of sound as it went from above me to the horizon in about 1-2 seconds (heading of almost due South) and disappeared beyond the horizon.

This is where it starts to hurt my brain. From what I know of physics if an object about 10 stories above, suddenly accelerated to beyond the speed of sound would create a sonic bomb. But as I said it did not make the slightest sound. No hum, nothing. My brain cant piece this with the logical knowledge and expectations I have which makes it very weird. I remember at the time thinking something along the line of – “This makes no sense. What is that thing. There is no human vehicle anything like this?”

I talked with the other band members about it but to be honest they seem less interested in it after the fact them I continue to be. They certainly thought it was weird but I think they couldn’t work out what it was so gave up thinking about it After the first hour or two’s excitement wore off.

Now being scientifically minded I have thought about this a lot. The usual sceptics explanations for my experience don’t add up.

Why it had to be a UFO

  • No manmade object, to my (or the general public’s knowledge) can travel silently at multiple times the speed of sound.
  • I was close enough to know with 100% certainly that it was not a helicopter, plane, jet fighter, weather balloon etc It can only be described as a ‘UFO’. As I said I could make out panelling details and could clearly see the shape and outside shell of the craft from my vantage point of underneath.
  • This was also no meteorite or comet. I have watched meteor showers through telescopes and seen many falling stars over my life time. Incidentally – through your web site there are a lot UFO sighting involving a Green flame like objects flying through the Sky. These are likely to be meteorites made of a material that is oxidising as it burns up in the atmosphere (possibly copper?) See link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteorite.
  • Not sleep paralysis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis: One argument I have heard arguing against the UFO experience is “sleep paralysis”. This cant apply to my experience because there were 3 people and we were wide awake. Walking around outside in the early evening.

I should also point out we were all 100% totally sober (because we all had to drive to rehearsal and back home again).

  • My sceptic friend argues it might have been some kind of hallucination. i.e. – maybe I ate the wrong food. Weird chemical reaction in my body, but I can easily discount this because 3 people experienced exactly the same thing. We talked about it – we saw the same colours, shape, movement and course of direction taken by the craft. So unless we all had a type of unexplainable hallucination while exchanging telepathic information (more unlikely that seeing a UFO I think) this cannot be true. And why would you feel perfectly normal one moment then hallucination the same thing as the people around you for 3-4 minutes then go back to normal. As I said at the start - I cannot find any suitable scientific explanation for this experience.

I can’t prove anything about this as I had no camera. I can only say I tell this story as honestly and clearly as I can. My description comes from a drawing I made the same night I saw the craft and went home. I did this because I knew as time passed the memory of the experience may lose accuracy for detail.

Was it man made? If it was then our government has some amazing vehicles were don’t know about. And if this is true why? Why the secrecy? And what is the point of an aircraft too secret to ever use other than to mess with people minds. That theory doesn’t add up.

If it were Aliens it also posses questions. What moved the craft at such high speeds? What do they know about the laws of physics we don’t – a lot obviously. Why was it silent. Why was there no sonic boom? If they wanted to remain unnoticed by being silent it makes no sense to cover the craft in multi-coloured lights. It not exactly a way to avoid attracting attention.

Hopefully this has been of interest?

Kind regards

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