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Adelaide, South Australia

April 2nd, 3rd, 7th 2002

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Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

Follow Ups on -- AUFORN Hotline Callin Codes: 01978, 01981,01983,01984,01985,01992 - for Adelaide, South Australia

Date(s): 2/04/02 - 3/04/02 - 7/04/02
Time(s): Between 7.15pm - 9.30pm
Suburbs involved: Parafield Gardens, Salisbury, Salisbury Plains and Wynn Vale


3 - 6 Orange star like objects were sighted over the Northern suburbs of Adelaide on these dates. All of the above Callin Codes reported the same thing, with minor differences in positioning of the objects. Nighttime sky conditions were the same on all nights, clear sky with only patchy cloudcover. All the orange star light objects where observed below the cloud cover.

All witnesses state that once these orange star objects reached the Adelaide Hills they all 'disappeared' or 'blinked out'
Length of sighting time: Varying from 2-3 mins up to 10-12 mins.

Triangle Formation

Witnesses reported seeing the 3 or 6 orange lights in a single triangle or 2 triangle formation, one person said that at one stage 4 of the lights looked like it was in a 'kite formation' but then formed a 3 pointed triangle with 3 of the lights, with the 4th light to the east of the top light.

In the case of the 2 triangle formation, the witness stated that they saw 6 lights move into 2 perfect triangle formations and continued that way until reaching the Adelaide Hills.

Straight Line Formation

Witnesses also saw and reported the orange star like objects to be in a straight line made up of 3 lights together with a 4th light following.

Whilst watching the objects in this straight line formation, witnesses state that of 3 lights that were in a row, they were evenly spaced one behind the other, with the 4th light trailing some distance behind.

Witnesses that sighted the 'straight line formation' all stated that as the lights neared the Adelaide Hills, that the 4th light then moved quickly to join the other 3 lights.

Witness Statements [note approx total number of Witnesses: 20]

All witnesses state that they heard no sound at all coming from these objects. They all state the objects were moving in a North, North East to South East direction. All state that the objects were 'orange and star like' in size and brightness.

One witness a trained SA Policeman, [as well as being an 'amateur astronomner'] quickly got out his telescope to get a clearer look at the objects, but stated that apart from seeing them on a larger and brighter scale, the objects still were fuzzy to look at. He even grabbed his binoculars to see if he get a clearer look through them, but again the same as through the telescope.
He also stated, that for the years he has been doing his 'backyard astronomy' that he has viewed many numerous things in the night sky, from satellites, to light planes flying late at night, to birds, to even [yes folks the infamous] hot air garbage balloons, but what he saw that night, didnt fit any of those 'explanations'.

All witnesses, stated that living or being so close to Parafield Airport, that they all 'Certainly Knew', what a light plane looked and sounded like, and what their night lights looked like. So to hear 'no sound/noise' surprised them. They also stated that they had phoned Parafield Airport, which could not help as it had closed earlier that night. They also phoned Edinburgh Air Force base, which informed these witnesses that nothing had 'shown up on their radar and NO they were not test flying any aircraft, secret or non-secret'.
[See Diane Harrison's report on Edinburgh Air Force base response in AUFORN list post dated: Tuesday 9th April 2002 in response to questions asked by Hugh Mulgrew]

Also all say, that 'They have Never Seen anything like this in their life(s)'.

Final Words

This group of sightings certainly has caused a 'stir' here in Adelaide! One of the witnesses who called the AUFORN Freecall Hotline, also phoned Adelaide Radio Station SAFM. Her call, to SAFM, set up a 'callin' session on SAFM's Breakfast show, asking people to ring in, if they had seen the same thing or if they had seen anything 'strange' in the sky.
The response to SAFM's call in was incredible!
I contacted SAFM to inform them that AUFORN SA was 'investigating' these incidents and also to leave our Freecall Hotline number for anyone else who may have seen something to ring. From my call to SAFM, I also learnt that 'A Current Affair' was interested in these sightings due to some video footage being taken by a local guy.
[Again see Diane Harrison's post to the AUFORN of Tuesday 9th April 2002]

Upon speaking to lady who phoned SAFM, myself, she again said what all witnesses , concerning this event, have said to me: That her and her family so amazed and effected by seeing this, that she felt the need to contact the media, to hopefully find out that what they had seen was nothing more than a 'light show', some 'kids mucking around with garbage bags', or a 'joke'. When I informed her, that she was one of approx 10 other calls to the AUFORN hotline she was [in her words] 'blown away'.


Charmaine Ballam
South Australian Director - AUFORN
[Australian UFO Research Network]


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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