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Forestville, New South Wales

April 12th 2002

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1800 Call in No: 02003 8:17 am 13-4-02 SA

Date: 13 April 02
Time Reported: 8:17 am
Location: Forestville, NSW
Reportee: S
Referred to: State Director: Doug M.
Telephone: 02 9

On 12th April 2002, S was observing satellites in his back yard while having a quiet smoke. Around 11.30pm he noticed an unusual aircraft heading from north to south, directly over his residence. Even though the sighting only lasted 3-4 seconds, he was able to get a good view of this extraordinary aircraft. S said, “I first though it was an aeroplane, but when it got closer I knew it wasn’t”. According to S’s testimony, this so called “flying-wing” passed overhead without sound at what appeared to be at low altitude. “It travelled consistently, like a normal aircraft. It had no other illumination (strobe or navigation lights) other than a few elongated dim lights at the front of the wing (amount unknown)”. S also added that he was able to see the dark structure with the aid of these unusual lights (pale white).

S mentioned that they don’t live near a fight path and to see something like this was amazing.

I asked him about his line of sight at the time. He estimated that some hills towards the north would have been around 3-4 kilometres and the outlook towards the south was limited because of obstructing trees (a few hundred metres from the residence).


I don’t think that S would have first noticed this peculiar aircraft while it was travelling above the hills towards the north. If that were the case, then the craft would have been travelling at approximately 3,600 km/h. The witness would have noted this and he would have had very little time to see any structure at all. Therefore one can only assume that the craft was near overhead by the time S discovered it.

I told the witness that it is quiet possible that the aircraft may have been launched from Williamstown RAAF base and that the craft ‘could’ have been some form of stealth technology.

S spoke of some unusual things that occurred over the years. Because he is a ranger, S spends most of his time in the great outdoors. He told me about some strange clearings in the bush near West Head (up most north shore). I have heard of some unusual activities taken place in this region (lights submerging, etc). This is an area that I will look in to.


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