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Eulo, Queensland

April 25th 2002

OZ File Sighting Report

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UFO Sighting EULO Southwest Queensland

Follow up 1800 Hotline Call 02016 25.4.02 QLD

Date: 25.04.2002
Time: 9.17pm
Location: South West QLD
Reportee: Diane

Location 68 kms west of Cunnamulla and
248 kms south of Quilpie population 80

Report By Diane Harrison

Time sightings: 7.00 p.m & 9.10 p.m
Shape: Ball
Size: 50 cent
Objects: 3
Colour: Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Fast
Duration: Minutes
Direction: First object North second Object North West
Witnesses: 20


Diane Said: "I was sitting down just about to have my B.B.Q dinner when I noticed a huge orange ball of light appear over the top of my meat box". "I got up out of my seat and went to have a clearer look at the object away from the obstruction of the box". "I wasn't alone in viewing these objects. I run a caravan park here in Eulo and I had around 18 people staying and most saw the objects, it was amazing I never thought I would see a real UFO in my life time."

I questioned Diane about the objects and asked if it was possible it could have been garbage bags or a balloon.

Diane said: "are you kidding a garbage bag no way a garbage bag could never move that fast"

Question: I asked Diane to explain the movement of the first object.

Diane said: "when I first noticed the object it was floating above my meat box just off to the north." I moved to get a better look and this was when I noticed it went slowly down to the ground but it came back up again".
"But as it came up from the ground it looked like 2 smaller objects fell from beneath it". "The Object glowed a bright orange to a dimmer orange and then it shoot off as high speed".

Question: Diane what did you do next? did you call anyone.?

Diane said: "Yes I did I called the police to see if anything had been reported to them, nothing". "I talked to some of the people in the park for quite sometime it was amazing as I said".

Diane said:"I sat on the veranda for another 2 hours in the hope it would come back and it did at 9.10 p.m".
"I got on the phone to the police straightaway this time and asked Troy our local policeman to have a look and see if he could see the second object,,,,,,he could, and so could our local park ranger who was passing by".
"I asked the ranger what he thought it was he said he had no idea".

Comment Diane: When Diane mentioned the policeman's name it rang a bell, I asked Diane how long had this policeman been in town, she said "a few years now why? ". Tonight I rang Troy and to my amazement it was the same guy I had talked to in 1998 about a UFO sighting in Warwick QLD he wasn't a policeman then. He had an amazing sighting while out Kangaroos shooting with 2 of his mates, we had a great chat and he was the one that informed Diane about the UFO hotline.

Troy reported: "When Diane rang me the second time I went out to have a look and I could see what she was looking at. "It was a bright orange object going dim then bright, it was moving in a northwesterly direction at high speed at a 45 degree angle to the horizon I watched it until it disappeared out of sight between Yowah & Thargomindah. "It was no garbage bag or balloon mate".

Troy said he has no doubt in his mind what he and Diane and the other 20 witness saw was a UFO".

Still Under investigation


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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