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Orange Lights Summary, Australia

May 7th 2002 (Posting date)

OZ File Sighting Report

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Hi everyone,

Like most of us I have been following the reports of orange lights coming out of Adelaide in recent weeks. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate Charmaine Ballam for all her good work in documenting the reports which have been flowing her way. Secondly, they reminded me of a short item I wrote in the July 1997 issue of the "Australian UFO Reports and Experiences" which I compiled for a while and distributed nationally. I reproduce this below.

For a list of reports which include numerous South Australian orange lights see http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~auforn.

From memory the key Adelaide suburbs were the cluster Salisbury/Elizabeth/Craigmore-which seems to be the area of recent orange light reports.

I had a UFO investigator friend who lived in that area and told me he saw a pattern of the lights appearing mainly on weekend nights, never any sound, travelling in the direction that something blown by the wind would, never in sight for more than 15 minutes often less. His view after seeing some of the lights for himself, was that they were garbags, launched by bored teenagers who enjoyed the fact that they could get their efforts reported on TV, radio and in the press. His advice was that we should not give them the pleasure of media publicity.

Those orange lights: what are they?

A while ago I indicated that I was seeking to ascertain the cause of the large number of orange lights being reported throughout Australia, as overseas sources have been citing "flaps" of "orange light UFOs" in this country. I contacted a number of researchers here for their comments and opinions. I thank those who responded to my request.

On an historical note, looking at my files reveals that significant numbers of orange lights commenced about 5 years ago. The "Research Digest" of the now defunct national level group, UFO Research Australia contain numerous sightings of these lights (copies are available on Simon Johnson's website).

For example, issue 31, dated Nov-Dec 1992 detailed an outburst of orange lights over Sydney in July through September of that year. At that stage Bill Chalker went on record as saying that one possible explanation for some of the reports lay in the balloon hypothesis, but that certain elements of some observation did not fit this. Issue 33, dated Mar/Apr 1993 outlined another outburst of orange lights over Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. In Sydney, the view was expressed that many were hot air balloons.

Newspaper reporting on this issue, and their views as to cause, may be illustrated by a representative sample:

"Lights in sky just a prank" (Sunday Times-Perth 16 Oct 1994)

"Strange lights seen over Perth this week were not beings from space but a hoax by school children...a hot air balloon arrangement....we found one about 18 months ago..."

"The truth is flying out there..." (The Sunday Age-Melbourne 6 Jun 1996)

"There have been hoaxes played in the east. The fakers send up hot air balloons made from garbage bags..."

"Fly-by-nights" (Warrnambool Standard-Victoria-14 Jun 1997)

"..."sightings" around Warrnambool last year, which proved to be little more than yahoos releasing garbage bags with fire lighters on wire frames..."

"Our S-files team uncovers the real "UFO" story" (The Plains Producer-Balaklava SA 28 Aug 1996):

"...a roughly diamond shaped formation...plastic garbage bag with a firelighter suspended beneath it...Police had a "friendly chat" with the culprits..."

Returning now to the comments I received. Some of us think that the observations of the characteristics of many of these orange lights, namely descriptions of "floating", "drifting", "smoke trails", "slow movements", durations of 5-15 minutes, clusters of lights which change formation, plus the finding of garbage bags by police and researchers indicate the hot air balloon is the overall answer. In South Australia, where UFORSA has kept a close eye on orange light reports, they believe, due to the above reasons, that most if not all orange lights are garbage bag hot air balloons. They have had close observations where the witness tells they could clearly see a garbage bag, and an instance where a bag fell, still alight, on to a house roof.

Others of us mention that the apparent travel against the surface wind directions; the ability to stop for a while then continue to move; and the clusters of lights; speak against the lights being balloons. Even here, people will agree that while some of the orange lights are garbage bag balloons, they however, do not believe that they are all garbage bags.

In summary, we are divided in our opinion as to the degree in which hot air garbage bags are contributing to the observations of orange lights in Australian skies.

Keith Basterfield


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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