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Lurnea, New South Wales

May 12th 2002

Tri-formation observed on 12 5 2002.

After receiving an email report to the website, I interviewed the witness and clarified the following details.

S said that he had never forgotten an event that happened a few years ago and, with an increased interest in the subject of UFO sightings, made a typical search for UFO’s on the web. After reading from the UFOSWS site about the encounter of Lazlo Novak in June of 1999, S stated he saw the same kind of thing back in 2002.

On the 12th of May, 2002, S was at his home in Lurnea, NSW, celebrating his 23rd Birthday. At around 9:30 p.m., S, along with three other witnesses, observed three orange lights in the sky travelling in a tri formation. He said that the lights were approaching from the Eastern Horizon and travelling west toward the Blue Mountains. When first observed, the lights were about 45 Deg. above the Eastern horizon. The formation took just 20 seconds to cross the entire sky. The formation disappeared over the Blue Mountains skyline. As they watched the area where they disappeared over the West, they reappeared travelling east. The formation now crossed back again toward the Eastern skyline. Once again, about 20 seconds is all it took for the static formation of lights to cross the entire sky and disappear into the Eastern skyline.

All four witnesses stayed there a while to see if they would reappear but there were no other sightings. They discussed the options of meteors, satellites, aircraft etc but all agreed they were not any such thing. There was no noticeable sound emanating from the object(s).

S estimated the apparent size by comparison. S stated that each light was “like that really bright star you see in the evening sky……. As big and bright as that but they were orange.”

This of course sounds like a comparison to the planet Venus in which case the lights were obviously bright and unmistakable.

The orange lights never deviated from the tri-formation

None had seen anything quite like it before. They wanted to report the sighting and telephoned the Sydney Observatory who were not interested and passed them onto the media. S called channel 7 who at first dismissed them as drug users, but then apologetically called back half an hour later saying that the same sighting had been reported by three other callers.

Larraine Cilia, V.P. UFOSWS


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