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Mildura, Victoria

May 17th 2002

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From: Charmaine
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 2:05 PM

Hi list,

Received a phone call last night around 7.30pm - Saturday 18th May 2002, from a Barry Mason of Mildura.

He phoned me to inform that in Mildura's local paper - Sunraysia Daily, there was a front page report of a ufo sighting by 2 of Mildura's police force.

This is what he told me about the story/article:

The 2 constables - a man and woman where on patrol near the Mildura Caravan Park, which is 4kms out of the Mildura town centre, when they spotted a silver disc ufo hovering over the Murray River.

The 2 constables radioed into their station about their sighting and were told by the radio operator "Weve put the Kettle on, how about the 2 of you come back for a nice cup of tea and a lie down".

The reporter who followed this up for the Sunraysia Daily, stated that when he interviewed the 2 constables they were both, bright and astute. Even though the female constable was new to the area she confirmed again what she saw, and the male constable also stated that this was not the first time he had seen something, a month before when on patrol by himself he had observed an object once again hovering over the Murray.

I have done a Google search to see if I could find the story from the Sunraysia Newspaper, but alas, all I get is the details of the papers readership and where it covers and thats it. It seems to cover the border of NSW/VIC in the Riverland area.

If anyone in NSW or VIC is able to get hold of a copy or knows of someone in the newspaper industry could you please see how a copy of the Sunraysia could be obtained and let me know.

I thanked Barry for his phone call, he said he thought that AUFORN might be interested, seeing that it had been reported in the local newspaper and the fact that 2 police officers had reported it.

Charmaine Ballam
AUFORN - Sth Australian Director


From: "Doug Moffett"

Hello List

Due to problems with Charmaine following up this report, I asked if I may do so, to which she agreed. Report as follows.

I first spoke to Kate Kryiacou the reporter from the "Sunraysia Daily", who in turn gave me the names of the Sergeant of police who reported the sighting and the two Constables who witnessed the sighting. Due to the fact both Constables were on a week leave as per their timetable, it has taken me a while to catch up with them. I spoke to Constable Kate Seiffert the other night and she was only too happy to tell me the details.

On Friday 17th May at approx. 5.20am, the two Constables were nearing the end of their shift when they noticed a bright silver object with a constant red glow hovering about 5mtrs above the Murray River adjacent to the Apex park caravan site. The object was approx. 100 mtrs away, about the size of a small car (Hyundai) and shaped like a triangle with rounded edges. They watched the object with amazement for about 1 to 2 minutes, at one stage speeding up to get closer to the object. At this point the object shot off at tremendous speed ( this was the most convincing aspect of the sighting according to Constable Seiffert) much faster than any known object can travel. It was lost to sight by the Constables behind caravans and buildings. The object definitely moved away at great speed rather than seeming to disappear.

Both the police radio and the local radio were on at the time, with neither suffering interference. As soon as the object disappeared the Constables stopped the car and turned off the radio's, and could hear nothing. I suggested to Constable Seiffert that she was very brave, given her position as a Constable, to stand by her story. I also asked if she had received any "heat" from her colleagues, "plenty"..but good natured she commented, even the prisoners were giving her a razzing about it.

Kate Kryiacou, when asked by me how the community responded to the story, said in the most part very positively. She said most people accepted that the sighting was something real but as yet unknown to us. The reporting Sergeant had also claimed to have had many unusual sightings over the years in the area but was reluctant to be quoted in the paper. The co reportee, Constable Greg Sylvia had also mentioned of a sighting as a child in the Mildura area of a highly unusual object. Both Sergeant Saint, the reporting Sergeant and Constable Seiffert were both refreshingly frank open and helpful about the sighting, for which the UFO community are very grateful. Let us hope this is the beginning of awareness, acceptance and openness amongst those who protect us.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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