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Tahmoor, New South Wales

July 28th 2002

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The Tahmoor encounter

Date: Sunday 28th July 2002
Time: Approximately 5.30pm
Location: Tahmoor
Witnesses: M age 11, B age 12, J age 12.
Contact number:

I received a message on 31st July 2002 through the UFO Study and Observation Agencies (UFOSOA) voice mail regarding an unusual sighting in the Tahmoor district. In response I immediately contacted M who gave me a brief summery of the event. Inturn I arrange to make a personal visit with my colleague Trevor Foster at the household on Friday 2nd August 2002 around 8.00pm. After interviewing all three witnesses, we’ve compiled the following report:

Approximately 5.30pm:
The three girls decided to revisit the rooftop as they did the prior evening watching for satellites. The house is a single story weatherboard cottage. It was dusk and the girls had a good vantage point looking towards the east. With them they had a pair of binoculars and a pair of walkie-talkies. The girls noticed that a large orange light appeared (size of a 5 cent coin at arms length) approximately 15 degrees above the eastern horizon. The anomaly was note to have fluctuated in colours of orange, yellow, white and pale blue. At first they thought of an arriving aeroplane. But then a second light appeared (an apparent size compared to a bright star with similar magnitude to canopus) approximately 50 degrees south of the first anomaly, and about 10 degrees above the horizon (location appeared to be just passed the township of Wilton). This much smaller anomaly began to perform some unusually manoeuvring; from a stationary position it accelerated at least 5 degrees closer to the ground surface at an approximate 45-60 degree angle within a matter of a single second (point b). The unknown remained stationary with less much luminosity for under a minute, then vanished and reappeared between 5-10 degrees south (point c) from point b. According the drawing supplied by B, the altitude remained the same between point b and c. The unknown remained stationary for a similar short period of time before accelerating back to its original position. It then shortly disappeared. The flight characteristics appeared to be in a triangular pattern and were described by B as ‘darting’.

The first anomaly then began to move slowly towards the north. At this stage they partially lost view of it as it moved behind a tree. Then a third anomaly appeared in a valley-like region of the horizon (size of a 50 cent coin at arms length). According to the witnesses, this third object appeared to have ‘landed’ on the ground surface. The object was then viewed through the binoculars and presented in great detail; the object was described as a grey saucer with interchanging colours of green, red/orange, blue/purple and white rotating around the rim. They also noted the trees being slightly illuminated by this extraordinary phenomenon.

They were suddenly distracted by someone on their walkie-talkie saying, “Identify yourself.” This was followed by some unusual voices communicating in a foreign language.
Around 6.30pm, the girls were then called down to have dinner. When I spoke to the parents they said, “The girls were full of commotion”. Obviously the parents did not take this situation seriously, at first.

Approximately 8.30-9.00pm
The three girls re-established their places back on the roof after dinner and cleaning up. To their surprise, the third ground-based object was still present. Unexpectedly a yellow ‘beam of light’ ascended a few meters above the object and suddenly deviated its course towards the three girls. “It was like a orange, yellowy bright light shining on us from far away,” the girls quoted.

The light shone on them for a period of about half a minute, as recalled by B. At this point it is not clear how J ended up on the ground. She became extremely hysterical and ran inside. B and M quickly joined J as they collectively ran inside. Mr X said that he went on top of the roof to assess the situation for himself. “I honestly thought that the girls had seen a helicopter”, he said. Unfortunately, by the time he made it to the roof, the object was no longer there

J was taken home around 9.30pm. That evening all three girls had stomach pains. M could not sleep and did not go to school the following day as a result. J on the other hand, woke up the next morning with her nose bleeding (an unusual occurrence for her). She also mentioned that she had seen a strange small human like figure in her bedroom before this event occurred (‘may’ have been a result of a dream or hallucination). B said that she felt ‘groggy’ the following day when she woke up.

I ‘vee contacted the local authority (Picton Police Station) on 31st July and spoke to a Sergent B. He told me that the offer on duty last Sunday was an officer P who wasn’t in at the time. However, Sergent B said that if he locates any reports relating to this event, he would contact me. I also spoke to Wollondilly Shire Council to confirm any events taking place at the time of the sighting, near Wilton landing field. No special events were recorded for Sunday 28th July 2002.
The detail from all three young ladies seemed to correspond with each other. J and B still appear to be under the influence of the event. M on the other hand seems to be coping quite well. I have no reason to suspect a hoax. Both the parents seemed quite concerned and appreciative to our visit.
I am planning to locate the area where this alleged craft had landed and hope to uncover some kind of evidence. I have also submitted an article to the Macarthur Advertiser, requesting other witnesses to come forward. Apparently, Mr X met someone at a Bi-Lo store who apparently saw these unusual lights. He refused to contact us at this stage.
We have left our details with the family in case of a re-occurrence. This matter is still under examination.

On 6th of August, a colleague and I went to Tahmoor to asses the area of the possible landing site. Judging by the girls vantage point of the alleged location (being near a dense forest), we attempted to gain access to the Nepean catchment reserve that runs along the side of the river for quite a distance. Our first attempt was Myrtle Creek (access through a reserve off Koorana Rd). After a steep climb we came to the bank of the creek. We found that heavy vegetation dramatically hindered our access further up stream. The next attempt was at the end of River Road. Unfortunately the end of the road ran into private property (on a large parcel).
We then surveyed the other end of the river (Picton Rd, Wilton landing strip, Maldon Bridge Rd, Wilton Pk Rd, area of Round Hill, Marcus Street, Jakes Way). We concluded that if the anomaly did in fact land, it would have been on the Tahmoor side of the Nepean catchment. The following points gave this conclusion:
1. The reserve surrounding the catchment is quite dense, therefore the object would not have been seen in great detail if it did in fact establish ground contact on the other side.
2. The other side of the catchment appears to be lower than the Tahmoor side.
3. Wilton landing strip appears to be in a valley. Furthermore, hills on SW side of Picton Rd would further restrict any views of the landing strip from Tahmoor.
4. Judging by the description in the above report and comparing line of sight with a topographic map, the proximity of the alleged anomaly would not have been any more than 2.25 Km from the residence.
So far we have three options:
1. Hire a helicopter to conduct a detailed aerial survey of the catchment.
2. Gain authorisation from the owners at the end parcel, at River Rd to have access onto their property.
3. Wait for the public to respond to the editorial.

Trevor Foster’s report

Attila and myself followed up on an alleged landing at Tahmoor last Sunday 28/7/02. The interview took place at the acreage property on Friday 2/8/02.

We arrived at approx 7.30 pm prepared for the evening. The Father (X) met us outside and took us into the house. X a sincere man was surprised that he and his family were taken seriously.

The witnesses, three young girls, B (13), her sister M (12) and friend Je (12) begin to describe their account of Sunday. B started the evening of with stating that the three of them equipped with Binoculars, Telescope and Walkie-Talkies went up to the roof of the porch first then on to the ridge of the house roof. Strange in itself L said. From the ridge the view is spectacular. The lights of Wilton and surrounding villages can clearly be seen.

Two strange lights were visible; the one on the left was smaller than the other light. The colours seemed to change to bright orange, white and blue. The smaller light also seemed to be darting about in a triangular motion, while the other one moved slowly away until partially obscured by the trees in the distance. A third light was then noticed under the obscured light. It appeared to be landed or very near the ground in a hollow/dip on the horizon slightly north of Wilton. In an area near the landing strip, adjacent to the F5. J used the Telescope and noticed the shape of the windows, which were rectangular in shape. The lights changed colours to Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, White and Purple.

J and M give a similar account. The girls watched these lights for somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. Interesting to note that during this time the walkie-talkie on a CB frequency had someone, a male voice asking for the unidentified craft to identify itself. Then a voice asked the girls to change channels.

All three girls were then called down to dinner. After dinner the girls went back up to the roof. The orange light had gone, but the lower one was still there. The girls then did the washing up which took about 20 mins. They went back again and the lower one was not seen. They watch for approx 10 mins and saw the lower reappear.

A light beam shone up from the alleged landed craft and seemed to bend at right angles towards the girls. Like a low power torch or spotlight. They stated the light shined on their faces for about 20 seconds. J states that for approx 10 mins period over this time the walkie-talkie was silent. J was crying after the light on her face, B was shaken; M had no effect at this moment. J went home shortly afterwards and went to bed at about 9.30, as with B and M.

During the night J had a nosebleed and a very bad stomach ache the next day. M and B also had a stomachache, but theirs was during the night. M was so bad she did not go to school the next day. The tummy ache eventually turned into a stitch type of pain. B complained about being dizzy and a sort of blackout.

Since this event J and B have a heavier then normal sleep pattern. J is having dreams which seem real, about people in her bedroom, described as normal looking approx 5’ tall but with wavy arms. The elbows she said could be in a different position.

Trevor Foster

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