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Niddrie, Melbourne, Victoria

August 2002

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Date posted: 9th July 2007 3:09:35 PM
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Name: Mr. Mikael xxxxxxxx
Town - City: Melbourne, Niddrie, VIC
Occupation: chef
Sighting Date: Unsure - August - 2002
Sighting Time: 14:40hrs -15:00hrs
Sighting Time-Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Sighting Duration: 1-2 minutes

Observation: We where driving back from Adelaide with 3 other friends when I saw a strange light low in the sky,roughly 30-50 meters up. This was at the Grampian park on the highway. The light was circular with an off white color surrounded by a bright red light forming a ring around it.

It was raining hard but we all watched as the object flew eastwards slowly then started fading as it descended in to the tree line and vanished. I'm a aircraft buff & also spent 2.1/2 years in the armed forces and I've never observed any fixed or rotor wing aircraft at any weather condition of that size have such lighting equipment or go into the trees like that without coming to grief.

The week before there was an article in a local paper so on the way up to Adelaide we were joking about seeing one.

Description: Only the fading of its lights and the fact it went in the trees.
Location: Opposite the Grampian national park on the highway.

Other Witnesses: 3
Actual Size: roughly the size of a medium sized mini-van.
Altitude: 30 - 50 meters then descended.
Object Origin: Not sure, when I saw it I slammed the brakes on the car and pulled over. It seemed stationary at that moment.

Object Destination: Easterly
Moon Visible: No
Moon Size Comparison: it was raining heavily so there was complete cloud cover.
Planets Visible: No
Weather: Temp, Cold - Sky, Raining - Wind, Windy
Effects Physical: It really woke me up, prior to that I was drowsy.
Effects Psychological: Actually I was relieved, before that the other 3 guys always said there's no such thing as a UFO and that I'm crazy.
Effects Other Witnesses: All 3 were speechless after the initial shock and were shivering as if filled with fear.

Other Experiences: Yes both times prior during my time in the army. First time with 7 others at boot-camp when we thought we saw a flare. No flare comes down diagonally then does a horizontal high speed flight before shooting upwards at an incredible speed. The second time 4 months later with 1 of my Lts and srgs, when we saw what we thought was a chopper with white navigation lights, not green & red hovering silently at 5am over our base.

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