UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

West End, Brisbane, Queensland

August 9th 2002

[Note: This late addition was originally sent in via the UFO Roundup/UFOINFO sighting report form.]

Name: David

Location: West End, Brisbane, Qld, Au.

Viewed from where I was walking, on Boundary St, close to central Brisbane, the objects appeared to be a few miles out to sea over the Moreton Bay area.

They must have been clearly visible from the airport!

9th August, 2002, approx 7 pm

Approach - Roughy sse to nnw

Depart - NE? They faded out

I was looking NNE

- Detail -

Approx 8/9 lights of a reddy-purple colour, which pulsed slightly and occasionally changing to white, moved in a slow zig zag formation in the directions outlined above.

The formation closed briefly into a straight line before 3 groups of 3 formed and circled. (They circled slowly, and I think only twice.) Each group of 3 then merged into a white light before disappearing.

Some of the lights trailed sparks like comets while moving into circular formation.

Ocassionally I thought I caught a glimpse of metallic objects, but it was difficult to discern any kind of shape.

- Extra -

It was a beautiful, clear evening, typical of Brisbane, and there was a lot of people around. Many people must have seen this?

There is a festival coming up in Brisbane. It may have already started.

But they were definitely not fireworks, and, if the display was performed by conventional aircraft, it must have been done at no small cost. This is nonetheless a strong possibility.

- Height, etc. -

Two or three conventional aircraft passed between my position and the lights on the standard Brisbane flight path.

Very difficult to estimate their speed, distance and height to be honest. I work in IT, not Aeronautics. Sorry.

- Media -

I've just searched various local news sights, but I've seen or heard nothing in the media.

The following details were sent in a follow-up message:

I am very surprised that I havn't heard more on this, in the press, etc.

However, I observed the lights for at least 5 mins, as I walked towards CBD, and didn't see anyone around me looking up, despite my staring. (As you know, sometimes people will follow other peoples eyes out of curiosity.)

The lights were the size of bright stars, say Venus, so not that easily missed, but arguably not bright enough to distract anyone unless they happened to look in that direction.

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