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Adelaide, South Australia

August 15th 2002

OZ File Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

Hotline call number 02629

Date: Thursday 15 August 2002

Time: 1615 hrs CST
Location: *****, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006

Reporters: Mr & Mrs Geoff Lockyer and their 10 year old daughter.

Investigator: Keith Basterfield.


On 16 August I received an e-mail from Charmaine Ballam, State Director AUFORN, asking if I would investigate Hotline call number 02629. Contact was given as a "Jeff Lockyer" of North Adelaide, telephone 8361 6910. The message on the e-mail was given as "Three of us may have a photo of a UFO that flew over the top of our house half an hour ago in North Adelaide. Reported matter to Police, don’t know if you are interested. The media are. May have a photo?"


(A) Initial interview

At about 1630hrs on 16 August 2002 I telephoned the number given and spoke to a Geoff Lockyer. Arrangements were made to call in and see him before 1900hrs as he was going out to dinner.

I attended at 172A McKinnon Parade, North Adelaide at about 1845hrs and was introduced to Geoff, his wife and their daughter. We stepped out the back to the location from which they had viewed the object.

Mrs Lockyer had been sitting outside on a clear afternoon at about 1615hrs. Mr Lockyer was inside on the telephone. Mrs Lockyer’s attention was drawn to an unusual object which came into view over the Women and Children’s hospital to her left (my estimate is 20 degrees elevation to the WNW). The object travelled across the sky towards the north. As it travelled it moved in a very unusual "corkscrew type" of movement. Upon reaching approximately NW, the object stopped. By this point she had called her husband out and he too saw the object.

Both described it as not circular in shape, rather it seemed to be a multi-straight edged object. He thought it looked black in colour, she thought it looked metallic, silver in colour. It had about six bright yellow lights on it which were in three sets of twos distributed around the edge of the shape. Suddenly, a bright red light appeared.

Mr Lockyer thought the object was in distress, possibly on fire and he decided to telephone the emergency services on his mobile telephone, which he did.

After being stationary for a short period, the red light went out, and the object then moved to their right passed behind a tree (the top of which I estimated as 40 degrees in elevation.) It was then seen travelling "away" to further to their right where they eventually lost sight of it, approximately N. However, before it travelled behind the tree their daughter fetched a camera and took a single picture of the object.

There was no associated noise with the object, which by comparison to the quarter Moon visible during the interview, was bigger than the full Moon (i.e. at least half a degree across.) The total angular distance travelled I estimated as 80 degrees.

I left at about 1910hrs to make further inquiries.

(B) Further inquiries as at 21/8/02

Telephone calls were made to four people in Adelaide who receive UFO reports from the public. None had received any reports for the afternoon in question. In addition, none had received a report on any date which described an object with the same characteristics as described here.

A check with the national UFO Hotline revealed that it had not received any further calls in relation to this report.

A query is being directed via the Hotline to RAAF Edinburgh. However, it should be noted that the RAAF ceased investigating UFO reports from the public in 1984. Today, they refer callers reporting UFO sightings to civilian UFO groups.

No items have been noted in the media about similar sightings.

Sighting location

The address concerned is a two storey town house with the courtyard facing NW. It is located at the southern edge of a dense residential square of suburban residences, in the heart of the City of Adelaide. To the immediate S are Park Lands. To the W is the large Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Suburbs stretch for kilometres to the N, W and E. (See attached map).

(D) Weather details

The reporters advised that the weather conditions at the time were of a clear blue sky.

A check with the "Adelaide Advertiser" Newspaper revealed the following: Sunset was at 5.44pm. Adelaide’s minimum temperature was 3.7 and the maximum was 16.4 degrees C. At 3pm the temperature was 15.9

Humidity at 3pm was 52%

Pressure at 3pm was 1028.5hPa

There was no rain recorded in the City for the preceding 24 hours Winds predicted were 7-12 knots from the NE in the morning, changing to 5-10knots SW in the afternoon changing again to 7-12 knots SE in the evening.

What can we deduce from the above?

The event occurred in broad daylight and the object would have been lit from the left hand side at all times

The "best guess" is that at the time of the sighting the winds were light and from the SW. This means that as the object travelled from their WNW to N at roughly the same angular elevation, in essence a SW to N trajectory, the object was travelling with the wind behind it.

The photograph

I have inquired several times about the status of the photograph. I e-mailed Geoff on 19 August, I wrote to him on 22 Aug and I have telephoned a number of times, but have received no response to my queries.


On the details provided I can see no convention explanation for this observation.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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