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Between Peake and Tailem Bend, South Australia

September 5th 2002

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Many thanks to Keith Basterfield for this follow up.

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Note: This observation appears part of a number from that date and time in South Australia.

Date: Thursday 5 September 2002
Time: 5.55 p.m. CST
Location: On road between Peake and Tailem Bend, South Australia.
Reporter: Zee

Zee was travelling in a vehicle halfway between Peake and Tailem Bend heading towards Tailem bend. The vehicle was pointing NNW at this stage. She saw a red light appear in the sky to the front of the vehicle, and then there was a bright blue flash. The blue flash vanished just like a light bulb being switched off. A crooked trail of "smoke" was left in the sky for some time. The pre-smoke observations' duration was a "couple of seconds." No sound was heard above the noise of the vehicle.

Zee's companions were Tina and Kerry. Tina forwarded an electronic sighting form to UFOR(NSW). In that form she described her sighting. Out of the corner of her eye she saw what she thought was a shooting star. It became a blue ball shaped object with a red/orange light around it. It was trailed by a bright white stream similar to that which jets leave behind in the sky. It then seemed to explode and disappear. Total duration was "a matter of seconds." No sound was heard.

Additional observations:

1. The ABC News Online 6/9/02 9.25am AEST carried the following:

'Great fireball spotted in South Australian skies'

"A leading Australian astronomer believes a large meteor may have hit the earth near Adelaide last night.

"Early yesterday evening, South Australian Police were inundated with reports of sonic booms, earth tremors and sightings of a blue streak in the sky.

"Ken, from Hindmarsh Island, 100 kilometres south of Adelaide says he heard a whoosh.

"It came straight over the top and left a huge smoke trail and there was two huge sonic booms afterwards, " he said. "It was incredible. I've never seen anything like it.""

2. The Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper 6/9/02

'Sky trail caused by debris'

"Debris is the likely cause of a strange display in South Australian skies last night.

"Colin Norris, director of the Australian International UFO Research, said he received telephone calls from people around the state who reported: "a bright light with a tail." "It's debris because a meteorite usually has a purple or white front and just goes straight on." Mr Norris said, The debris probably came from a rocket."

3. ABC News radio "Star stuff." 8/9/02

A piece included:
1. Interview with man from Hindmarsh Island. Observed object travelling East to North West. Had 3-4 "heads" to it. Went straight over.

2. Interview with man from Victor Harbor. Observed object travelling straight over Victor harbor. Duration 1-2 seconds. Seen slightly N of West.

3. Interview with astronomer who stated that an E to W trajectory probably excluded space debris and made it more likely a meteor.

Additonal information relating to: Callin code:1800 Callin Code: 02060 05.09.02 SA

The Adelaide Advertiser dated 9/9/02 a story the main piece being as follows:

'A fleeting star turn, then meteor burns out'

"A meteor that flashed across the early evening sky on Thursday probably failed to hit solid ground, an astronomy expert says.

Astronomical Society of South Australia technical information officer Tony Beresford said the meteor burned up in the sky west of Victor Harbor.

"I doubt whether anything from the meteor would have survived to Earth," he said.

"It is possible some small pieces and dust made it into the gulf but certainly nothing would have landed on the ground."

Dozens of people from across the state reported seeing the meteor shortly before 6pm.

Victor Harbor residents saw the meteor disintegrate seconds before a sonic boom rang out, frightening animals and making buildings shudder.

Victor Harbor Council inspector Tim Read said the meteor was "the talk of the town" yesterday.

Mr read was watching television when he heard the sonic boom. "It sounded like someone jumping up and down on a tin roof, My dog went berserk and I ran outside thinking someone was trying to break into my house."

Encounter Bay resident Iris Shaw was walking her dog when the object passed over. :"I heard a sizzling sound overhead and looked up to see a silvery stream going over" Mrs Shaw said. "I saw it explode but there was no noise until a few seconds later."

Mrs Shaw said a neighbour's television set flickered as the meteor passed.

Witnesses also spotted the meteor from Adelaide. Alan Grace saw it while walking at Stirling East. "I saw a flash of light then the meteor exploded in the air and I stood there in absolute awe" he said.

SA Museum spokesman Ben McHentry said he received a call from a man who saw the meteor from Balhannah in the Adelaide Hills. "The man said it looked like it was 300m to 400m up in the sky and was angling down,"Mr McHenry said."

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