UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Morphettville, South Australia

September 24th 2002

OZ File Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

Follow up 1800 Hotline call 2092 24.09.02 SA

Date: 24.09.02
Time: 9.51 pm
Place: SA
Caller: Female - Mother
Witness: Colin & Friend
Conditions: Night sky - overcast in places, no moon [as far as witness can remember]

Investigator: State Director: Charmaine Ballam

Ringing re something that happened to my son in his car. A purple light shone into his car and he blacked out for a moment.

Please ring.


Colin and his friend where driving around the backstreets of Morphettville, just behind the Marion Swimming Centre on Tuesday night around 8.30pmish.
All of a sudden Colin and his friend noticed a Purple flash of light which came from approx 200 metres above them and lit his car up completely.

Colin said that this Purple flash of light, only lasted approx 4-5 seconds.

Colin then stated that he blacked out momentarily, and when he came too, quickly pulled over to the side of the road, as he was starting to feel sweaty and hot. His friend also told him that when he saw the Purple light he started to feel as if he was going to be sick [vomit].

Approx 2 minutes later there was another flash of the same coloured light and this time both Colin and his friend didnt feel anything.

During the time that both Colin and his friend sat on the side of the road in his car and before the 2nd flash of light, Colin and his friend both noticed that all the 'Noise had disappeared'.
He said, that they couldnt hear any road noise, normal night noises etc. Colin states after the 2nd flash the noise came back, like someone had thrown a switch.

Colin then proceeded home to tell his parents about the strange thing that had just happened to him and his friend. His Mother is the person who called the Hotline number.

I asked Colin, if he had experienced anything like this before in his life? He replied 'No, this was the first time'. I also asked Colin how he and his friend had been since last Tuesday's incident. Colin reported that both him and his friend had felt fine.
Colin did say that he had discussed this with some school friends, who said that there had been a bit of lightening that night.

Colin is adamant, that this Purple flash of light came down, spread across his car to light up the interior completely and so doesnt feel or believe that it was lightening that he and his friend had seen.

I explained to Colin that, I had never heard of lightening to be that colour and also for it to effect 2 people that way unless of course they had been directly hit - which both hadnt.

I again asked Colin to re-explain how he saw the light from his position in the car.
He said that when he first saw it, it was through the Left hand side windscreen [passenger side] and that it had come down then spread across his car. He said its a bit like when you ' drip a drop of paint into water and it spreads' thats how the light was.

I then told Colin that the 'lack of noise' he and his friend experienced is a phenomenon called 'Oz Factor', which I explained.

I told Colin that I couldnt explain much about what he had seen and what he and his friend had experienced, but I did ask him, that if anything else strange happens or occurs to him, he is quite welcome to ring me, to discuss it and we would take it from there. He was happy with that.

End Report

Charmaine Ballam
AUFORN - Sth Australian State Director


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