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Between Dajarra and Mt Isa, Queensland

Early October 2002
Cloncurry Dam, Queensland

December 23rd 1999

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Hi Bill & list members

Some time back we were in correspondance concerning Min Min Lights & I am posting this to you because I have just had another visit from the friend who had observed a giant orange daytime light & a small fire-like light at night in the Boulia & Cloncurry areas & so questioned her again about her observations which included a new & very spectacular experience she had since last we talked.

The new reports are as follows;

Early October 2002 : Between Dajarra and Mt Isa, Queensland

3 pm, Early October 2002

Karen Sheffield, a Qld government social worker was in a government vehicle driven by Mark Poulson, a Qld government social worker in the area for 25 years & at the time of the incident was & still is the Youth worker for the Normanton to Boulia area. They were driving from Dajarra to the Gregory River, south of Mt Isa visiting Aboriginal communities and had several Aboriginal children in the back of the utility. At 3 pm driving under clear sunny skies they observed ahead of them a pink object several kms in front of them that they could not identify. As they drew closer they realised that they were approaching a vast stationary pink bubble possibly 10 kms wide & a km high, the edges of the giant bubble were distinct but blurry. It sat on the desert with the blue sky surrounding it. They could not understand what it was that they were approaching until the Aboriginal children began excitedly yelling "Min Min Light, Min Min Light" and then Mark Poulson became very excited & stated that he had heard about the giant pink Min Min Light from others that had observed it over a 25 year period but had never seen it and stated that "he couldn't believe he was lucky enough to finally see it.

It spread right across the road with a distinct but blurry edge as if it was fog and they drove right into it, stopped the car, got out and wandered around completely bathed in the hot pink light. They were euphoric & all of them sang and danced around for a considerable period of time. Eventually the returned to the car & drove through it & out the other side. Travelling at 100 kms an hour it took about 5 minutes to drive through that portion of the bubble of light that covered the road. The pink bubble of light had nothing to do with sunset which took place at 8 pm, 5 hours later. The pink bubble of light was a distinct phenomena that remained for the entire time that it took to travel to it, through it and away from it. They had no explanation for its existance.

December 23rd 1999 : Cloncurry Dam, Queensland

23rd December 1999

It reminded Karen Sheffield of an earlier experience that she had with a similar but orange bubble of light that she drove into on the 23rd December 1999 on her way from Cloncurry to Boulia to attend a christmas party at the Boulia hotel in the mid afternoon. She had been bathed in orange light as she drove through it & once again she felt euphoric. She hadn't been aware of the orange light until she drove into it, then she stopped & was amazed that everything was bright orange. She told the other party attendees, mostly government workers when she arrived at the hotel but they didn't seem to take much notice of what she had to say

The first report was the previous posting to you last year from Karen & David Sheffield at Cloncurry who drove out to the water supply dam at Cloncurry at night, parked in the parking area looking over the water, though nothing was visible in the inky blackness. Suddenly what looked like a campfire lit up in front of them & David who had not been to the site before said "let's go over & say hello to the campers", to which Karen replied "there can be no campers where that fire is burning because it is in the middle of the dam". David replied "it cannot be over the water because there is no reflection in the water." Karen countered that if it was a campfire why is it not illuminating the surrounding bushes, trees, people, etc." They called out anyway but there was no reply & the fire flickered out then lit up again eventually to fade. They visited the next day & sure enough they estimated that the fire-like object was directly above the water surface

Previously I had talked to a couple of people who had experienced the light though the records are buried away in my files but the first was from a tour operator driving a bus at night & who observed a light as if from some vehicle approaching the road they were driving on coming at right angles to the left, crossed the road a short distance ahead & continued away to the left. The driver naturally thought that he was approaching an intersection & that a vehicle of some sort had crossed it on a road that cut across the main road that he was on but as he approached the locality he was surprised to find nothing but undistubed bushland with no tracks or road & so concluded that he had observed a Min Min light.

The second report was from 2 people camped on the side of a waterway & observed what appeared to be someone approaching the water on the other side of the waterway with a keroscene lantern & which then moved about a metre high along the water's edge. The campers yelled out a friendly greeting & were surprised to receive no answer & then suddenly realised that there was no reflection on the water or on the bushes from the light & realised that it was some bizzare light phenomenon that then perfectly retraced its path & vanished.

Interesting eh?



Warmest Regards

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