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North of Narrabri, New South Wales

November 25th 2002

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Do you believe? Call Mulder and Scully, we've got an X-file!
ABC Radio New England North West
Presenter: Kate Sieper
Wednesday, 27 November 2002
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They say the truth is out there, but for residents of the North West region of New South Wales, it might be a bit closer than they thought!

A truck driver travelling north of Narrabri on Monday night says he spotted a low-flying object he can't explain, "I was heading north... and this thing came from the left hand side, about telegraph pole height. I was in its path, and it swooped around front of me... it was amazing the pace it went, and then it just sort of flattened out and took off on the right hand side, and disappeared along the flat", 'Peter the Truckie' says , "I thought it might have been an aircraft, from an airforce base, so I rang Williamstown Air Force base, and they said 'no, it wouldn't be flying that low', and I rang Parkes telescope and the observatory in Canberra just to find out I'm not going bloody silly!"

Peter was put in contact with Doug Moffatt, from the Australian UFO Research Network, who says, "this is a particularly dramatic case and find it impossible to come up with any conclusion of some sort of terrestrial background".

ABC Radio New England North West interview with Doug Moffett

ABC presenter Kate Sieper: Hi Doug, Peter had a really interesting Sighting.?

Doug: "Yes a lot of people do see thing in the sky but not as dramatic as this"."This is pretty dramatic case and I one of the good thing about it is because if the particular facts of the case find near impossible to come up with an answer or a conclusion of or come up with a terrestrial back ground". "When it crossed the road and took off Peter and his girl friend viewed it for one or two seconds and it was travelling at telegraph pole height". "And was moving across the plains, which is a dead flat area and you can virtually see to the horizon, which is around about thirty miles away". "So if you do the math's at that it would have to have been moving at fifteen miles per second which equate to 54,000 to 108,00 miles per hour well that sure get rid of a lot of possibilities".

Kate: How about some I don't know hum! some sort of weather balloon maybe getting caught up the midstream of the truck then zipping in front of the truck, hum! then just blowing away.?

Doug: "Well I think with the description with the lights and that, weather balloons don't have lights on them that I'm aware of " "And with that configuration, two at the front and two at the back, and two green in the middle would make it a rectangular type shape object and one would imagine". And it seemed to travel away at tremendous speed and distance". "Peter watched it as it disappeared over the distance". "So and the width of it being the size of two road lanes wide, would make it difficult to come up with any terrestrial explanation".

Kate: Ann mentioned she saw something like this 28 years ago and to have Peter describe it now, do you think there were sighting of this nature in this area.

Doug: "No I don't think so, but Barrabra in particular there seems to be, if you like is a hotspot a hotspot of activity and has been over the years". "Why I don't know", "I've been to Barrabra about a year or so ago with the my organisation to speak to locals up there because so many of them had stories and quite amazing stories". "A large percentage of people that live there have had sightings and what we call close encounters". "This meaning they were very close to the object and in Peters case it was only fifty meters away". "So a large percentage of the population in a small town like Barrabra, sightings were incredibly high to other places".

"So it would appear there seems to be a connection to that New England area and in particular". "With Barrabra it seems to be there are lots of reports". "But then again there could be other towns that are having similar reports and as you were saying and its very true that people tend to keep these stories to themselves because of the ridicule that they are quite often subjected to".

"Some one can be a totally credible figure until they mention something like this and they become incredible their bubble bursts their credibility bubble bursts". "Everyone that knows Peter", "and he sound's a very credible person and to me he sounds very sincere and a genuine person". "I have doubt what so ever that what he saw was what he saw". "He sounds like a very down to earth sought of guy and people that know him would say he would never make up something like this and that Peter would know what he was talking about".

Kate: Doug where does these sighting lead and what do the UFO Research Network do with these reports.

Doug: "What we are trying to do at the moment is to correlate them into a database and this is a lot work". "We are all volunteers and we have all got to put bread on the table and do this all from home and have our own lives as well". "Its slow going but we are trying to get together a data base and a workable data base were we can do things, like for instance categorizing the sighting by the lights like in Peter case there was red and green and in Ann's case hers was red and green as well". "The area it was in at the time, the date it was in, once we get all that information and there are thousands and thousands of reports and then we start to plot something and try and have a better understanding of what this phenomenon is". "It up to each ones personal opinion as to wether these are ET craft or not and I don't have evidence to support that".

Thank you Doug Moffett.


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