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Dirranbandi, Queensland

December 3rd 2002

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03.12.02 St.George [Dirranbandi] 0335hrs (NL)

Since I posted this article, I received a phone call last Thursday evening around 9.50p.m. from a gentleman out the back of St. George who informed me that he was out the back of Dirranbandi roo shooting early hours of Wednesday morning, between 3.30a.m. and 3.45 a.m.,they watched a very large light lift off the ground approximately a kilometre way and rise into the sky, he claims that they switched off there spot lights and watched it as it slowly rose high into the air in a north east direction.

At that hour of the morning the largest star in the sky was Venus and he said that it was larger than Venus, it was at about 80% angle and seemed to rotate and change colours from red to orange, they took the scope off there rifles and as they were pretty powerful about 56 x 500 meters could see the changing of the colour. The light seemed to then change into a perfect triangle with three revolving red lights at each corner (a perfect triangle).

Steve mentioned that about three months ago while spot lighting for roos (kangaroos) they became aware that about 5 kilometres away the bush (forest) and scrub lit up as though there was a bush (forest) fire It was late in the evening (could not remember the exact time) as they did not have a watch. After a discussion with his companion, they were aware that there was no wind to fuel this fire, so felt pretty safe that it was not travelling in there direction. After some time this fire (as they thought) lifted up above the trees and took off at a great speed in a southerly direction as he said "no plane could possibly travel that fast, it was almost out of sight in seconds.

Dirranbandi is a very isolated area out west of St. George, a pretty vast country. The St. George area has been pretty well documented over the years for strange phenomena both strange and unusual animal sightings as well as UFO's. There have been witnesses who claim to have seen a dog that resembled the Tasmanian Tiger (which is supposed to be extinct).

Rev. Glennys Mackay J.P.
Cont. Dir. MUFON AUST. & NZ.


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Tuesday December 03, 2002 11:02 AM
[UFOFacts] Strange straight Clouds in the Sky

I have just had friends staying from the USA, they told me that on there flight over to Australia on a Qantas flight two weeks ago, between Fiji and New Zealand, they say, that the plane flew along side the strangest cloud formation they had ever seen, seemed to go on for several hours, the clouds were straight white lines between six to 8 feet across, and with wide gaps in between, Joe who happens to be an aircraft engineer stationed in California claims that in all his years of flying (he also holds a pilots license) he has never seen anything like this before.

When he spoke to the pilots they did mention that they often pick up anomalies on there radar screen, that seem to appear and then move very quickly off screen, they also commented to Joe that they have been seeing more and more of these type of cloud formation when flying across the Pacific, Joe estimated that they were flying around 32,000 feet at the time. Has anyone heard of this in recent times

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