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East of Cronulla, Sydney, New South Wales

December 12th 2002

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Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 5:04 PM
Subject: UFO Sighting report

Below is the result of your feedback form.It was submitted by ***** on Thursday, December 12, 2002 at 00:04:17

Title: Mr. Gary S
Cronulla NSW
Occupation: Martial arts instructor
Sighting_Date: 12. December 2002
Sighting_Time: 12.05 AM
Sighting_Duration: 2 seconds

Observation: I found you guys on the net. I'm a 42 year old guy whose travelled extensively and well read. Last night or early this morning 12.05 am on 12/12/02 I saw something very unusual. I tried calling the airport and some govt listings and got put on perpetual 'hold' so I thought I'd inquire online.

I live in Sydney up high right on the beach with panoramic ocean views. Over the years from this vantage point I have seen Halley's Comet, the concord, black hawk helicopters and fighter jets. I have also witnessed many Spectacular full moons and electrical storms.

At this particular time last night, I was sitting on a stool in my lounge-room facing the ocean due east and playing guitar in darkness (a pre bed ritual). I just finished a piece and my eye picked up movement in the sky I thought 'shooting St...!' and it was gone.

It was an object that was moving like a shooting star that appeared to be moving from North to South, then East. It was visible for 2 seconds max. Unlike a shooting star (which I have seen many) this object did not travel in a straight line across the sky. The Nth/ Sth trategictory was like an upside down 'U' and the East trajectory seemed a steep 60-degree ascent before it disappeared.

It did not appear or disappear across the horizon. It just appeared and disappeared. It was either quite close as in the jet flight path or it was something huge and far away.

Another unusual thing is that the object itself appeared to be dark, yet it was kind of surrounded by a kind of flashing light that alternated light blue and a darker light blue light. The colours were the same as the 2 blues from a flame on a gas stove. I saw 3-4 'flashes'.

The object appeared like a shooting star, it then kind of stopped, blinked a few times and vanished. About 5 minutes after my sighting I saw a small plane fly South/North towards Sydney airport.

Description: The light blue light was kind of pulsating

Location: Due East of Cronulla, Sydney at about a 60 degree angle in the sky.

Other_Witnesses: None, I live alone

Apparent_Size: Tennis Ball

Actual_Size: It was either huge and a long way away or close near the commercial jet flight path.

Altitude: In the sky at about the height of a plane in a holding pattern

Object_Origin: It came from Nth to Sth in an elongated upside down 'U' type of curve

Object_Destination: It appeared to dissapear due East on a rising tradjectory

Moon_Visible: No it was too late for the moon and it was not the clearest of nights.

Moon_Size_Comparison: It looked like a big aircraft that was quite close, except it appeared like a shooting star

Planets_Visible: It was a night with clearing weather. I checked 5 min later and saw a bright star in the Nth sky. That's all.

Weather_Visibility: Clear

Weather_Temp: Pleasant

Weather_Sky: Cloudy

Weather_Wind: Breezy

Weather_Comments: Not many stars were visible

Viewing_Aids: No eyes only

Effects_Physical: No

Effects_Psychological: No

Effects_Other: no

Effects_Other_Witnesses: No

Other_Experiences: No


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Diane Harrison/Frola

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