UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Macquarie River near Terrabella and Ponto, west of Geurie, New South Wales

December 27th 2002

Name: David M

Location: On the Macquarie River NSW near Terrabella and Ponto, west of Geurie NSW Australia.

Approach Direction: South-West

Departure Direction: North-East

Witness Direction: South

Description: I had travelled to the country from Sydney for our traditional Christmas Day gathering with the family in Wellington NSW. After a few days my cousin made a suggestion that we should go fishing one night... So, on the day of the 27th December 2002 about 1PM we headed for a excluded location on the Macquarie River near a town called Ponto, about 5 miles from a smaller town called Geurie in NSW Australia.

With my cousin "DG" and my uncle "BG" had been moving up and down the river all day in a small boat... from about 2PM to about midnight that day. The stars became our natural light on the river that night... we couldn't see the moon; therefore the stars were very bright.

Around 10.00PM that night I started the do some star watching... saw a few aircrafts and also a moving star??? This moving star was heading south at the time, but I thought to myself.... just another satellite and didn't make much of it.

But about 10.50PM that night my star watching became more of a mystery. I saw 3 move stars together... grabbing the attention of my cousin and uncle with screams of "LOOK LOOK UP THERE, WHAT IS THAT???"

Together we watched 3 fast moving stars travelling from the Southwest heading northeast for approx a hold one minute. They formed a perfect triangle; two in front and one travelling behind.

The last moving star then pulled back from the leaders, while one of the leaders also pulled back to a middle position... this new positioning happen within a 5 second time frame, then the moving stars went back to their original triangle position.

The two leading stars then vanished, and then several seconds later the last moving star vanished.

We chatted amongst ourselves about what we just saw, and we don't have any explanation for this event… other then a UFO sighting.

Color/Shape: They seem to look very much like a star. Constantly changing colour from white to an orange-red.

Height & Speed: Our estimates on how fast they were travelling is completely unpredictable, they travelled a lot of ground… but comparing this to a 747 in the sky, we believe they were about 4x as fast. There height was very high… must similar to a satellite's position.

TV/Radio/Press: At this stage we haven't heard or read any news releases.

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