UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Kilburn, Adelaide

Mar 13th 2003

Location: Kilburn/Adelaide/South Australia/Australia

Date: 03/13/03

0100 Local Time

Approach Direction: North

Departure Direction: South West

Witness Direction: West

Description: Two very clear and bright Orange lights, had observed single light earlier in the evening and also on one other occasion however that time the light moved from east to west. I was able to watch that one with binoculars and was unable to see any flashing lights to indicate a plane. There was cloud cover and I at first thought that the light had gone up through the clouds but was then able to see a distinct black area moving under them (Same place but larger than the light). This occurred at night and the clouds were not very high ad they were well lit up by the ground lights.

The light earlier tonight looked as if it would have been along the coast or just past it. It seemed to move erratically (moving South then stopping then starting again) I put the first one down to possibly being a Garbage bag filled with acetylene as I had heard of this sort of hoax before. The second time I observed two very bright orange lights, once again no flashing secondary lights seen with binoculars, I attempted to take video of one of them and may have succeeded but will need to view in the morning. While trying to focus lost one light then after the attempted filming lost the other. I am possibly thinking they may have been the same as two lights I saw leave the ground from the area near the Edinborough (sp) Air Force Base. This was reported by the media as a UFO but I am thinking they were fighters or similar. They had no flashing lights and rose in perfect tandem.

All in all they could have been planes but I have seen quite a few over the years at altitudes from quite low to very very high and they were nothing like this, I have also seen many satellites and “falling stars” as well and again nothing like this. I also work in the security industry s o I am quite used to the night sky and abservation. It also in hindsight seems very similar to the report on 21st January 2003 from Port Pirie

Color/Shape: Orange, Very bright, Star like shape

Height & Speed: Lower than the cloud cover, fast but not faster than what I would estimate for a jet.

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