UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Highbury, Adelaide, South Australia

March 25th 2003

Name: Withheld at request

Location: Highbury, Adelaide, South Australia

Date: 03/25/03

Local Time approx 11pm (my zone GMT + 9:30)

Approach Direction: n/a

Departure Direction: n/a

Witness Direction: South-southwest Approx. 30-40 degrees from horizon.

Description: It appeared as a bright white star/planet like object. Noticed it as I was crossing my back yard. It stood out as it was the brightest object in that part of the sky. I actually stood there thinking it was probably Venus and how easy it would be for someone to mistake it for anything other than a planet or a star. I observed it for about 1-2 minutes, started to turn away to go upstairs to my room whilst keeping the object in view, and then it just vanished.I almost fell over myself. I quickly scanned the sky trying to see if I was mistaken, trying not to believe that it had just dissappeared. The thing that was extra percurliar was that all the other stars (it was a perfectly clear night) were extremely dim in comparison to the object just witnessed, and the object was nowhwere to be seen. It had simply vanished!

Color/Shape: Bright white star/planet like object. Could be thought of as bright/significant as Venus in the night sky.

Height & Speed: n/a

TV/Radio/Press: No media details.

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