UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Sydney, New South Wales

Mar 31st 2003

Location: City: Sydney

Suburb: Somewhere between Kingsford - City

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia

Date: Saturday 05/31/03, around 2pm local time

Approach Direction: North-east

Departure Direction: North-east

Witness Direction: North

Description: I was watching a highschool soccer game when the object was sighted. I was looking up to my right. It was distinct because it was in a very clear blue sky (no clouds) with only the sun in sight (the object was close to the sun and in the same direction of the sun).

While covering my eyes from the sunlight, this object hovered (or it looked like it was moving slowly from left to right)

The very strange thing was, it was suddenly gone! as if someone turned off the light of the crescent moon, in that clear sky. the whole sighting was about 5 seconds. dont think it was an airplane (planes dont vanish in thin air) no one else saw it i think, everyone was looking at the opposite way because of the game.

Color/Shape: It resembles a 'daylight crescent moon' (if you've ever seen one) however it's not that big. I said it's moving from left to right, but not as like many people think intuitively. The object can be described as the letter 'c', i mean not inverted letter 'c' moving from left to right, but a letter 'c' moving from left to right (backwards) if u know what I mean.

Color is white, maybe reflecting the sunlight

Height & Speed: I have no idea about the height, but it's quite high, as high as planes usually fly at.

TV/Radio/Press: Haven't heard anything, that's why I'm reporting this just in case someone has an explanation or had the same sighting, I know this is an American site, but who knows?

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