UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Semaphore, Adelaide, South Australia

April 11th 2003

Location: Semaphore, Adelaide, South Australia

Date: 11/04/03

8.10 local time

Approach Direction: Objects, stationery in sky

Departure Direction: Easterly

Witness Direction: Northerly, then stopped alongside of objects so facing easterly

Description: Travelling in northerly direction, observed 4 large yellow lights in staggered formation in the sky, no noise or other flashing lights, so myself and 4 others (family) believed there was something odd. We then pulled the car on to the Esplanade at semaphore an myself and 2 daughters got out of car, as did 3 other people who had also stopped. we observed the 4 lights then move slowly into a perfect verticle line, with equal distance between them. After a few minutes, the bottom light slowly moved easterly and disappeared, then the next two moved easterly and disappeared. the 4th light stayed in its position for approximately 5 minutes, then also took off in an easterly direction. During this time a small plane flew behind us, along the shoreline, in a northerly direction, to which i conclude the pilot could not have missed this sighting in the sky.

Color/Shape: Circular shape, yellow lights

Height & Speed: 150 - 200 ft

TV/Radio/Press: Not aware of any reports in the press

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