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Bankstown, Sydney, New South Wales

May 15th 2003

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I'm wondering if any of the NSW folks have come across a similar sighting/report recently. If yes please advise.



L and his colleague work as security guards in the Sydney metropolitan area. On 15th May at 2:15am they were driving towards a railway crossing at Bankstown when L happened to look at the Moon- approximately 30 degrees west, 98% towards full phase. The night was relatively clear with some patchy clouds.

Incredibly L noticed a rectangular object (width equivalent to the span of two fingers at arms length) slowly cruising from a northerly aspect towards south, in transit with the Moon. As it passed (speed similar to a light aircraft), it flared up for a split second. Other than a black feature, no other colour or outline was evident to the observers. L pulled over and continued to watch the anomaly as it passed the Moon.

At first he thought it was a light aircraft, but as it went out of the Moon’s field, the unknown increased in mass (now at four fingers width at arms length) and transmutated into an oval shape (or possibly altered it’s angle) while slightly increasing speed. L said that it looked like a circular black patch passing through a cloud. But this black patch showed no details of the night sky in the background, therefore it wasn’t transparent.

The anomaly was slowly disappearing towards the south and the two carried on driving after watching the event for around 5 minutes. The only conversation that took place was when L asked his colleague, ‘Did you see that?’ His question was simply acknowledged.

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19th June 2003

Hi Attila

Sorry its taken me a while to answer I've been really busy with the Conference. The black object you're talking about has been reports quite a few times. Once in 1992 in North Queensland over a small town MT Molloy and Julatten by a group of amateur theatre actor's after rehearsals and again the same object was seen in 1993 following an abduction in the same area.

The object blacked out the star's it was said to be enormous in size size of 3 football fields or bigger.
It was silent while cruising across the sky and caused the witness to receive a mild case of sunburn, burnt face/eyes/ arms.

A recent sighting was 2 months April 2003 ago by a farmer in Rathdowney not far from me actually .
He reported a dark object hovering silently then it moved across the valley It was not has big as the north Queensland ones but it was the size of a Foot ball field, at arms length is was the size of a dinner plate. This case is still under investigation.

I hope this helps

Regards Diane


19th June 2003

Hi Diane, with regards to this sighting, we had one nearly the same in Victoria about 10 years ago. It was seen by a husband and wife, only about a kilometer from my place . The object was about the size of a football field and silent. The witness said that it blocked out the sky as it went over. It was about 6pm, and both were amazed by what they saw.

Cheers...George Simpson.


Warmest Regards

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