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August 26th 2003 : Bendigo, Victoria

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UFO Report Bendigo Victoria August 26th 03

I went outside to smoke. I study the night sky and am used to seeing the variety of lights evident in the night sky. Last night Tues 26th Aug 03, at 11.40 0pm, I saw a very strange light the like of which I have never seen before.

It was not a commercial flight (I know their times and flight paths) it was not a meteor (it was visible for much longer than the flash of a meteor) It was not a satellite (it did not have the constant linear arc of a satellite) I saw a flashing light in the northerly direction at about 20 degrees.

Nothing strange about that.
It was travelling at a very very high speed, which was strange. It was in my estimation at a very very great height, which was also very strange.

So I studied it.
It was immediately obvious that it was a different light to anything else I have seen it was faint and I must say, difficult to watch with the naked eye. I have a Telescope, but I would not have been able to track it because of the speed at which it was travelling. I did not believe I had time to get my binoculars as I thought I may lose track of it.

This is the strangest part.

The flashing light, travelling at high speed suddenly darted forward at an even greater speed, so great that the flashing disappeared, then it appeared again well forward from where it disappeared, back to its original but still high speed. It continued to do this darting (for want of a better word) forward for all the time it was visible to me.


Bendigo Vic.

I have tried to depict its path in the attachment below [not included] Not only was that strange, here is the strangest part of the sighting.

It did not hold to its line of flight, but would suddenly drop down like to a different level I have to admit to having difficulty in describing its behaviour but to put it in one sentence it went like this.

Flashing light, very distant, very high, travelling at great speed darting at Even greater speed forward disappearing then visible at a different Trajectory. It was first sighted in the north and went out of sight in the southern sky.

What was it?


Regards Diane Harrison

National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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