UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Healesville, Victoria

December 20th 2003

Name: Chris

Location: Healesville Victoria Australien

Date: 20/12/2003 around 2230 o clock. clear night lots of stars no clouds

Approach Direction: from the west (Melbourne)

Departure Direction: to the east just passing in front of healesville racecourse

Witness Direction: followed the way from the east while crossing to the north for approx one minute

Description: absolute identical with the sighting stated in UFO Roundup volume 8 number 3 from January 15th 2003

I would not have repored it to anyone, but as i read today about sighting from january there my wife who also witnessed the passing by as well as my tho children 10 and 14 years old convinced me to write this report to you

Color/Shape: triangle three bright white lights absolute no colour to be determend

same distance of the three points while passing.

Even through binoculars it was only to be seen as very bright

Height & Speed: never seen a plane flying this directions, never seen three lights remaining in shape, location and brightness whhile passing by

Important inside triangle stars and the sky could be seen therefor it was triangle shape position rather than an object or better a single object

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