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New Lambton, New South Wales

December 31st 2003

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Date: 31st.12.03
Time: 23.30 hrs
Place: NSW Newcastle
Caller: Trish
Tel: 02 49
Investigator: Diane Harrison

Message I saw a UFO I would like to report it

Hi Diane..here is my account for New years Eve 2003-2004.

I was standing out the front of my home here in New Lambton with my 2 kids (15yrs & 12yrs). With us were my neighbours (husband & wife) & their 3 kids (7yrs, 14yrs & 16yrs). It was around 11.45pm when we all saw 2 bright orange lights (a little larger than a star) that were travelling from west to south west at a 45 degree angle from the horizon. In a straight line one behind the other about one hand width apart. Then the one behind swung down under the front one and passed to go in front.

They hovered for about 10 seconds then started to fade & dissappeared.This took about 3 minutes Then about 10 minutes later they re-appeared in the same fight pattern & manoeuvres, then hovering & fading. This happened 6 times. On the third time my daughter & the man next door saw another orange light same size to the north along the coastline, on the fifth time my son saw 2 other orange lights the same size under the other lights but they went back to the west & disappeared behind a tree.

There was NO NOISE..I have lived near William Town RAAF base for 10 yrs & I know what jets, planes look & sound like..this was defiantly not an aircraft..On the last time there was only one of the lights was there..it did the same flight pattern, hovered, faded then disappeared. We retired about 2am.I kept checking now & then but didn't see them again.There were a few thin clouds that night.

Regards Trish


There have been more sightings of the orange UFOs reported that same night in WAGGA WAGGA NSW Ushi our WAGA investigator is at present following up the sightings and a story which was published in the local newspaper.

I will keep you all informed.


Regards Diane Harrison

National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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