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Bethania, Queensland


Subject: Online report by RF -
Sighting in 2004 in Australia -

Sighting time of day: dawn and shortly after

Duration: I was aware of the object for about a quarter of an hour, but had a clear view for only about ten seconds.

1) the object was first noticed as a bright white light, low in the sky to the north, in the direction of Brisbane. It appeared bigger and brighter than a planet (I am not sure which) that was in the north-west, and seemed to be moving slightly. It was still dark, but the shapes of trees and buildings in the east could be discerned as the sun began to rise below the horizon.

I spent several minutes opening up a garage, shifting garden hoses, and walking from the front of my house to the back, and looked at the object again. It was more or less in the same position, but there seemed to be more lights, all white. It was not clear whether I was seeing one object, or several close together. Large civilian aircraft from Brisbane Airport (25 km away) heading south can often be seen in the day-time from my garden, but their general pattern of movements was not being shown by the object(s). Though the sky was getting lighter, there was some patchy low cloud (I think stratocumulus) which affected the view. At this stage I was quite puzzled, and getting a "funny feeling" about the situation. I knew it was not an ordinary passenger aircraft, though balloons or helicopters did seem a slight possibility.

2) Another two or three minutes passed, and I became aware that the object, now definitely solitary, was on the move and heading in my direction. I would say it was travelling at about the same height and speed as a conventional airline jet would have had if it had just come from Brisbane. It disappeared into the clouds briefly but could be seen continuing towards me, but slightly to the west. It was now day-light, and I got the impression it was a ball shape, reflecting the sun's rays, though the sun was still not visible to me. It cut through more cloud, then continued with the same velocity across open sky, going almost overhead (about 80 degrees elevation) from north to south just to my west. For about ten seconds I had an excellent view of a shiny, circular object, dark- greyish / slate-blue in colour, with a pattern of parallel lines on it like the door panels of a car or aircraft. The view was then obscured by my house and the object was not seen again. I went indoors and wrote "UFO" and a note of shape, colour, and direction on the relevant day's page of a note-pad/desk diary kept near the wall-telephone in the kitchen.

Place of sighting: Bethania, Queensland, Australia.

Physical appearance. The view which I had was of a perfect circle, about the size of a full moon when directly overhead. Whether it was a flat plate or saucer, or really a ball like the moon, I am not sure. (In retrospect, the parallel lines suggest that at least the underside was flat. They were also parallel with the north-south axis of motion, suggesting that the circle had a front and rear, and was not revolving).

Sound: None was heard.

RF 27 Sep 05


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