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Ballajura, Western Australia

January 26th 2004

OZ File Sighting Report

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Follow-up UFO Hotline 1800 Hotline call 3201 26.01.04 WA

Date: 27.01.04
Time: 11.42 pm
Place: Perth
Caller: David
Tel: 08 9
Investigator: Investigator Tracy Jakson AUFORN WA


Name: David W
Address: Ballajura
Phone: 08 9
Sex: Male
Age: 40
Email: yes
Date of sighting: Monday 26th January, 2004
Time of sighting: 8.40pm
Location: Ballajura
Duration: Approx 35 mins
Direction: Due south
Size of object: First object - 'size of a star'
Second object - Larger than the first object
Shape: First object - Like that of a star
           Second object - Larger than the first object
Lights/Colour First object - a very bright yellow
Second object - colour indistinguishable - 'a very bright white light'.
Noise: No discernible noise
Activity seen: The first object sighted first travelling due south on a horizontal trajectory.

Object moving slowly. Watched for over _ hr. The object then moved further away whilst it made irregular "fishtale" and horizontal movements. A second much brighter object was sighted travelling from the south west towards the first object. Moving "faster than a plane".

Reportee noted that this object radiated a huge amount of light. ( almost irregular as if in rotation) A few minutes after nearing the first object, the second object then "went back whence it came" , ascended and accelerated quickly and then the object disappeared.

The "first" object ascended and disappeared at a slower pace.

The time was approx. 9:15pm.
Weather conditions: Clear night

Additional Info: The sighting was witnessed by David and his son (9 years of age) in the backyard of their property. The night in question was Australia Day and after investigation, fireworks and flares as a cause have been excluded (due to the time/ location and air traffic/ police information).

This was the second sighting of something unusual in the sky for this reportee. David told me how he had an experience in a country town of Sorell in Tasmania, whilst walking with his young uncle at age 10 or 11.

He remembered walking over a bridge with his uncle and looking up in the sky to see an oval shaped object directly above them.

He reports that this craft had multi coloured lights and was about two car lengths long. It struck the boys as very scary and they ran back to where they were staying and told the adults.

He had reported the incident to TUFORIC a few years ago. Telephone interview 27/01/04 @ 5:30pm

Thank you Tracy for this great report

Regards Diane Harrison

National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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