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Toowoomba, Queensland

February 26th 2004

OZ File Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

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UFO Sighting Toowoomba Qld
Source: UFO Research (NSW) Sighting Report

Reportee: Mrs. Nicole S
Occupation, Nursery Assistant
Sighting Date, 26th February 2004
Sighting Time, 4:30
Sighting Duration, 3-5mins

Observation, There were large spots of light formed in a circle, then the same formation in that circle but smaller, there was a large one and a smaller one just off the side of it. All the spots of light were spinning around in circles and at the same time they were darting across the sky. I was driving east along the street and the formation was south east. As I was driving and watching it dart across the sky it went out of sight across the top of the car. I then had to stop at a set of lights, proceeded through the set of lights and caught eye of it again. The formation had moved more south but still in the east. I did think maybe it was lights coming from the uni, in the area but thought at 4:30am, possibly not. I then had to turn of the street I was driving east in and head north, which was when I lost sight.

Description - Individual lights were spinning and at the same time the whole object was spinning.

Location - Turning off Gorman Rd onto Stenner Street, heading east.

Apparent - Size - Dinner Plate

Actual - Size - They were quite high in the sky and very large. From ground level they looked at least 15 feet. Obviously larger when closer. Altitude - Roughly 800-1000 feet.

Object Origin - From South to North but moving east.

Object Destination - Didn't see object disappear, as I headed in a different direction.

Moon - Visible I don't recall seeing the moon and at the time I saw the formation, it was about a hour off sunlight. The sky was overcast though.

Moon - Size - Comparison

Planets - Visible - Overcast sky.

Weather - Visibility - Clear

Weather - Temp - Cold

Weather - Sky - Cloudy

Effects - Physical - I was in a excited but fareout mood.

It was amazing.

Thank you Anthony Clark of UFOR NSW for this sighting report


Regards Diane Harrison

National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director


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Diane Harrison/Frola

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