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Tweed Heads, New South Wales

March 4th 2004

Just curious regarding the OZ files listing for February 26th 2004 and that it no longer is there [File is available again - John]. A few months back I found the listing searching for an explanation of what we saw on March 3rd 2004 and found the report the closet description to what we had witnessed. Below is a description of what we saw.

On the 3/4/04, myself and two friends spent quite some time watching something in the sky that we had never seen or heard of before.

We live in Tweed Heads, right on the border of QLD & NSW. This was viewed from two different locations, but within 2 minutes drive from each other as the crow flies.

Although I can still visualise this clearly, I am finding this very hard to put into words that make any sense (to someone else anyway) so please excuse my crude explanation

From the initial sighting around 10pm for approximately 10 minutes and then from approximately 10:50 til a bit after midnight (at the second location - the second floor balcony of our home), we again viewed an odd circular (almost vortex style) light moving in varying size clockwise motions and at varying speeds. These lights almost appeared strobed at times and only seemed to be reflected off of the lower clouds and could not be seen if the clouds were very dense or if there were no clouds at all. At times there would also be two spinning vortex's, one larger than the other, the larger behind the smaller.

It was almost like watching snow being blown off of a cliff edge but then only continuing in a circular motion (almost like a pin wheel )which, in full, moved backwards and forwards, up and down, over a small section of the sky.

This motion was always clockwise but the circle as a whole moved left or right across about an 1/8th of the sky, northerly and about 60 degrees elevated from the horizon. It did not appear in any other part of the sky.

It was very windy and cloudy and mild in temperature in our area at the time. Could this be a natural weather phenomenon?

As I am sure you can tell, I am not educated in this area, but we are extremely curious to find out what we saw. We have searched the internet but without knowing the correct terms for what we saw, we are finding very little to nothing informative.

Anyway that is what we saw.

Kind regards

J***, J*** and V***.

Tweed Heads, NSW

Additional information via e-mail:

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.

I (we) was also curious about the possibility of a light show being the cause of what we viewed, so we watched the night sky with much interest the next night.

Upon night fall ( March 4th ) we saw something that resembled a search light (or the like) in an area of the sky just east of where we viewed our weird sighting the night before.

It didn't look anything like what we saw the night before so being early in the evening we went for a drive to have a look.
We tracked it down to the coastal area of Coolangatta/ Tweed Heads. It was search light beams directed up into the sky from the front of the Twin Towns RSL akin to what you would see at the premier of Hollywood movies. They were trying to attract attention for a big surf competition in the area.

I phoned Twin Towns RSL the next day and asked if they had different lights going the night before. They had not. They also had no knowledge of any other special occasion that would call for unusual lighting in the area of the Gold Coast and certainly not till and after midnight on a Wednesday night.

I can not believe what we viewed being a laser light show as a laser show would have reflected off of any clouds. What we saw was only visable where the clouds were fairly light irrelevant of what position in the sky, be them high or low on the horizon.

We have no problems with you passing on any of this information to others - especially if this assists in us getting an explanation! I'm just kicking myself that I didn't have my new digital camera then as I'm sure that we would have been able to capture this image... I have it now and I'm armed!!

Any information would be greatly appreciated, please keep us informed.

Thank you

J*** & J***

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