UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Berwick, Melbourne, Victoria

March 8th 2004

I have just read some material on the internet regarding bright orange glows in the sky over Darwin, Australia in 2000.

There are also recorded a number of sightings of orange coloured objects in America and in other parts of the world.

I have been searching this sight for a very good reason.

On Monday the 8th March 2004, between 2200hrs and 2225hrs, I was enjoying coffee with my wife and 2 friends at their house in Berwick which is in the City of Casey, Melbourne Australia.

We all were outside enjoying the still (but slightly cool) night. There was a full moon which was visible only intermittently as it frequently became obscured behind the high cloud cover. At ground level, there was very little wind.

I observed 2 bright orange lights traveling at quite a speed coming from an easterly direction and heading west towards the city of Melbourne. (Berwick is approximately 35 kilometres to the south east of the city).

The first light initially appeared alone and our first thoughts were that a plane was on fire. Within a matter of seconds, a second object appeared from the east and rapidly caught up with the first object. Both orange glows then seemed to slow right down to a crawl and at one point I thought one of the objects had assumed a hovering position. The first object then continued on its westerly route while the second one slowly gained speed again and assumed a northerly route.

Both objects then climbed smoothly in their separate parts of the sky (now separated by quite a distance) until they vanished through the high cloud.

At approximately 2218hrs, to our amazement a single orange glow, exactly the same as the first two objects came into view from exactly the same easterly direction (heading west). All three objects appeared exactly the same in size and made absolutely no sound. They all moved in the same manner, and seemed to slow rapidly.

The third object appeared to pulsate as it too headed in a northerly direction (but admittedly this could've been due to breaks in the cloud).

I am 36 years old and served as a Frontline Officer in the New Zealand Police Force for 10 years and had passed all sergeants examinations.
My wife also served as a frontline Officer in the NZ Police for 10 years. She is 37 years old.
My good friend, a 35 year old who worked with the Royal New Zealand Airforce for 12 years and is currently a manager of a prominent Aircraft parts and maintenance business also witnessed these three phenomena. His wife, a 35 year old again saw all three bright orange lights. She has passed all her exams to be accepted into the waiting list for the Victoria Police.

This event amazed us all but we cannot rule out the possibility that they were aircraft.

I am however, sceptical that they were aircraft because of the following;

They made no sound whatsoever.
They slowed almost to a standstill for a short while.
I have not seen any aircraftwith continuous orange glowing lights completely encompassing it.
They were very low (I have not seen planes in that location at that altitude before).
There was next to no wind which would've assisted in hearing an aircraft's engines at that altitude.

I would be interested to hear of any further sightings in and around Melbourne at this time.


Additional comment:

My good friend (12 years in the Royal NZ Airforce and now an aircraft parts and maintenance manager) has confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt that what we saw were not aircraft.

I currently work for the Casey City Council as the ******, and today, I was told that our communications dept had received a call about strange lights being seen over Berwick on the same evening I witnessed them.

I once again say that all four people that saw these phenomena are intelligent, down to earth type of people. My wife and I are both christian and for obvious reasons were very sceptical about these things in the first place. Interestingly though, if one reads Ezekiel Ch.1, Verse 4-12, he is clearly describing what I believe to be a UFO! But I wasn't there so I can't speak for him.

J. B.

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