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March 18th 2004 : Kemps Creek, New South Wales

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Sighting at Kemps Creek NSW

On Thursday 18th March as Kelly was bringing in her washing from the clothes line, a bright orange light caught her attention.

It was eye level moving slowly above the tree line from east to west, Kelly was facing north. At first she thought it was a plane, but quickly realised it was the wrong colour.

There were no flashing lights and there was no sound.

She said it was as big as a 10 cent coin held at arms length and bright orange. As it moved across the tree tops it was slowly gaining in altitude. Kelly called her hubby Frank outside to see it, he didn't think it was a plane either. Frank quickly got his telescope which he rested on the garden shed and viewed the object. There was no visible structure, no wings, body or tail, just a round ball of solid orange light. Kelly quickly went for her camera, by this time the light had travelled west towards the mountains and risen in altitude from 10 degrees to about 40 degrees. As she aimed her camera and snapped a shot she heard Frank say "Wow, it just disappeared, it shot upward so fast, it just disappeared." Kelly said the object was low, it was a clear night with a little bit of cloud. At one point as it gained altitude it went behind the cloud and they could still see it shining through. They viewed it for approximately 5 minutes from 9.45pm to 9.50pm.

Kelly and Frank live at Kemps Creek near Hoxton Park Airfield, they are used to seeing low aircraft in the area but they have never seen anything like this before. If it was a helicopter it would have been close enough to hear. Kelly said it definitely wasn't a balloon or a garbage bag thing.

Adding a bizarre twist to this sighting, Kelly had just finished writing a birthday card to her brother before going outside to collect her washing. She had chosen a humorous card which depicted 2 little green aliens in a spaceship beaming up a gift box. Also prior to this her father had rang her to inform her that a mutual friend of the family had asked him if he had seen anything strange in the sky the night before.

Apparently the friend had seen lights in the sky that had bothered him. Kelly said it was unusual for her father to ring her specifically to tell her about this. A strange sequence of events.

Larraine Cilia UFO society western Sydney

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