UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Grafton, New South Wales

July 8th 2004

Fleet Of Daytime UFOs Video Taped

Grafton N.S.W. (Australia) Thursday 8th July 2004.

Event duration: 1.18 to 2 25pm.

Grafton Based UFO Researcher Barry Taylor Caught 5 Different UFOs On Video

At 1.18pm I was outside waiting to be picked up for a business meeting when I looked up into the clear blue sky and noticed an unusual object at around 2,000 feet slowly heading north. I raced inside and grabbed my video camera and proceeded to shoot the object for the next 5 minutes.

This object was a 'cluster' type UFO. It consisted of around 5 individual orbs attached together. There were white/pink orbs with black to dark kaki coloured 'spheres' attached and clearly protruding off the whitish orbs. The whole 'cluster' rolled and tumbled about during the observation.

I then had to leave for town and the pre-arranged meeting. I returned home after an hour and the UFOs were still coming overhead. They must have been constant UFO flyovers during this time - over an hour.

I again began to video this activity. There was a maroon red object approaching at lower altitude heading directly overhead. It seemed to pulse, slowly.

Another object looked like a disc with a flat base, or 'D' shaped. This object also had one black sphere attached to the outside. The object rolled back-and-forth during its flight.

The last object seen was a white sphere. Through the video camera, I could see an unusual energy halo surrounding the object. This energy halo washad similar colours to diesel fuel spilt on water with the Sun reflecting on it - a brownish orange rainbow array of colours.

I am currently in the process of analysing and enhancing the 10 minutes of footage. I will stabilize and super zoom the best clips and apply enhancing features to see what can be learnt from this event. It looks impressive so far.

I will have images and a short video clip of these objects available on my web site early next week. So will inform you when available.

If you have not yet read my article on "How to see UFOs", then I suggest you do so and put it into action. It is only because of my keen eye that I was able to witness this event.

http://theozfactor.cjb.net/seeufos.htm (inactive link)


Just to inform you that still images and video clip of the July 8th. daytime sighting are now available to download. This video clip will only be available for a short time then removed.

The clip will show you how the 'cluster' UFOs move around while in flight. The red object is very interesting. Frame grabs from the video show the attached dark spheres and enhancements show the energy surrounding the objects.

Clip size - 5Mb (43 seconds) in Windows Media Video format.

http://theozfactor.cjb.net/july2004.htm (inactive link)


Barry Taylor


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