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Leanyer, Northern Territory

December 4th 2004

OZ Files Sighting Report

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The Australian UFO Research Network

Hi everyone

I was in Darwin the night of the sighting here is my report

Report: Diane Harrison

Source: Night Lights = NL
Date: 4th December 2004.
Day: Saturday.
Time: 8.30 pm approximately & 12.30 am
Location: Leanyer Darwin.
Direction: East South East. & moved in a Northerly direction.
Duration: 2 hours & 10 minutes
Position: 45 degrees & 60 deg to the horizon
Witnesses: 2 Nigel & Julie plus 4.
Colour: Red Green Blue.
Shape: Roundish orb.
Appearance: Starboard Lights of a plane.
Size: Small.
How many lights: set of 6 & a set of 3 = 9 in total.
Noise: No.
Viewed: Naked eye plus Binoculars.
Photo: Yes.

I've spoken to the witnesses Nigel & Julie Lynn and am presently compiling a full report. I have placed an enlarged colour image of the object on the AUFORN web page for viewing, click on news of the day. http://www.auforn.com/

Map: http://www.arta.com.au/ntmaps/darwin/d2.html

Nigel said: at first he thought it might be a helicopter but there was no noise and it didn't move. Nigel took a picture of the object through his binoculars with his digital camera set at 6.1 mp.

The object was first sighted at approximately 20:30 hrs EST, in a East South East direction at about 45 deg above the horizon.

Nigel & Julie watched the object for about 2 hours in which they said in that time it did not appear to move in any direction.

The objects lights continually alternated red, green and blue Nigel said they appeared like port and starboard lights on a plane. Nigel said it appeared there were also 6 points of light which he could see with his naked eye.

Approximately 2 hours later at 00:30 hrs on Sunday it had moved to a position approximately 60 deg to the north of the first position.

They did not see it move they just came outside at that time to look again prior to going to bed.

Nigel said he would appreciate any help in identifying the object. Nigel said, what it is he certainly does not know and obviously there is an answer.

I will keep you posted

"Still under investigation"

Regards Diane Harrison

National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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